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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oh my, Oh me.

You may have noticed I'm doing alot of blogs. It's because I'm leaving for a week on Thursday and will have no blogging opportunity's so I'mma make up for it now. Today's blog will be on my favourite thingies... Ranging from Biscuits to Spots to sit in. So yeah, I'll start thinking now.

  • Song? At the moment it's Through Glass by Stone Sour but it'll change soon probably.
  • Tv-Show? Doctor Who! Or Star Trek Voyager... Hmmmm... Decisions.
  • Film? The New Star Trek film..... Je suis un Nerd.
  • Biscuit? CafĂ© Noir by McVities.
  • Actual food? Ummmmm.... Steak.
  • Piece of Technology? Mah iPod.
  • Website? This one. http://www.whosthecutest.com./ 
  • Space in the house? Mah Bed!
  • Spot to sit in? A certain tree by Fortrose Harbour.
  • Actor? Karen Gillan..
  • Animal? Red Panda and the Platypus.
  • PC game? Half-Life.
  • Xbox game? Fable II.
  • Pun? That's not Punny.
  • Animal you've ever owned? My pet kitten called Ted who I once had a dream about.
  • Game Console? Xbox 360....
  • Thing to do in life? Eat, Watch Youtube and Play Xbox. Again, je suis un Nerd.
  • Instrument? Piano...
And I ran out of ideas.... That kinda sucks. I just realised how weird I sound from that. If you're just reading this and you don't know me. I'm not that sad. I'm just a bit crazy.... DFTBA.

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