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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Error; Attempting to run Brain.exe, Item not found.

My brain is dead. I never expected my brain to rot so quickly over the holidays.. But apparently sitting around on the sofa for 6 weeks whilst doing nothing else can do that to you. What's worse is that I now actually have to try and use this piece of garbage in my head, because I'm back at School. AH Maths and Chemistry and practically just killing the brain cells which didn't happen to die during the Summer. And sleep deprivation from various parties and gatherings doesn't really help either. Not that I'm using my brain outside of school though.

I have a job interview/thingie in about an hour. This should be interesting because I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night.. I don't really want to fall asleep in a potential job interview/thingie. That would be embarrassing. And then I'm going to a leaving party/ceilidh for a friend who is going to Guyana for a year (http://ayearinguyana.blogspot.com/). I'm kind of jealous. I would love to go to Guyana for a year, but nope. I have to sit in a School Classroom whilst my brain, slowly but surely, grinds to a halt.

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