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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I am gonna have a right old nerd fest in this blog. I've been thinking lately about what super-powers I would have, so if you don't superheroes and stuff, leave, cause this is likely to be a very very nerdy blog. Now, If you're still here, good. Anyway, to my point. I would love to have superpowers. Like, so much! But I don't want to be Superman. He's your typical Superhero. The man who can do everything. He has no flaws and seems to unreal as superheroes go. I also wouldn't want to be a superhero without superpowers. As cool and rich as both Tony Starke, a.k.a Iron Man, and Bruce Wayne, a.k.a Batman, are they don't have superpowers which is what makes you a superhero. Without them, you're more of just a hero. A very rich and cool hero, but still only a hero. So if I were to have powers I'd want something more X-Men or Heroes style. Wolverine would be good I guess, but Metal Claws and Regeneration just aren't my thing. Professor Xavier? Telepathy would be slightly annoying at times. Peter Petrelli? Problems would occur if I was the only Superhero and had no-one else's powers to take. In my spare time, I've whittled my choices of which Superhero to be down to two. Hiro Nakamura from Heroes, or Gambit who has appeared in a few D.C comics. Gambit would be my top choice though. If you have no-idea who Remy Etienne LeBeau, a.k.a Gambit, is you should look him up.
But what if I had the choice to choose my Superpowers like some sort of ethereal Pick 'n' Mix? I compiled a list..
  • The ability to control and produce Electricity.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Space/Time control.
  • Superhuman agility.
So that's my list of superpowers I would choose if I could. And I know that Superpowers are never going to be developed, not in my life time anyway. But with a big increase into Genetics, a boy can still dream. DFTBA.

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Work Experience - Day 4.

And it's over... I had my last day of Work Experience. I'm not gonna go over it. Nothing happened. At all. Literally, I did nothing more interesting than the last few days. I basically just sat around and played about on Wikipedia searching up things that made np difference to my life at all i.e. How old do you have to be before you die of Old Age? I did get a wireless mouse from them though. That was nice... It's all blue and green and funky. Anyway, I can't wait for my long long sleep tomorrow. But in reality I'm not gonna get one. Because either Mum will wake me up around 8.30 or I get bored of sleeping and lazing in bed.. I don't understand how some people can stay in bed till like 3.00pm. It makes no sense to me. You've wasted half your day already doing nothing.. And if you thought "I wouldn't be doing anything anyway" just then, you could be doing something if you got your ass out of bed. Just saying. DFTBA.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Work Experience - Day 3.

And so my days of working in a Pharmacy are nearing a close. I have one more day and my holidays start. I'm kinda glad though because I honestly have nothing to do in the Holidays. I'm trying to save up for Halo: Reach, but all that money is probably gonna be wasted on Fable III which comes out in about 16 days. Excited! Anyway, Work Experience. That's what this blog is gonna be about.. Like the last two. I promise after the final work experience blog I'll try and do a funny one. Pinky Promise.

Same routine in the morning as the last two days. Wake up, moan and groan about waking up, actually wake up, get up, shower, clothes, food, and go off in the car. I should point out I have to wear a shirt. I never wear shirts! Only for the poshest of posh occasions. But it does make me feel smarter.. Anyway, I got there at the normal time of 9.00am and did nothing for the next hour or so. I did the odd bit of dispensing, but that's it. Tea break started at 10.30am as per usual. My tea came in a cool mug. It changed colour according to if there was something hot in it or not. I want one like that, you know, to distract me further whilst I'm meant to be working. I was given a wee talk about Schizophrenia from one of the Pharmacists and then Catriona, one of the technicians took me down to one of the wards to do a drug check-up. Lunch was different. This lady came in with a whole bunch of Tesco bags filled with food. Apparently the department were having a Drug Lunch. The lady that came in took out her laptop and whilst the department ate their lunch, which the lady kindly had bought, she talked about some stuff that had happened in the world of Pharmacology. I got bored and drifted off. I think I began to wonder what kinda of Super Hero I would be. Anyway, not much happened after lunch as normal, except there was this rush for quite a few prescriptions of Clozapine. After that I played Solitaire and Minesweeper on the computer. Minesweeper is a confusing game..... DFTBA.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Work Experience - Day 2.

So yesterday I forgot to mention something about my work experience. I learned yesterday that I am only doing a four day week, one day less than which I thought I was doing. Apparently Friday is some sort of public holiday so they Pharmacy are closed for that day. But I'm not complaining. So today, the morning was the same as yesterday. Wake up early, shower, have breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios), watch TV, and set off around 8.20am.. It was freezing this morning! And there was this massive wave of fog rolling in over the hills so the sun was blocked out, making it colder. Anyway, I got to the Hospital and went it. I was greeted and stuff and for the first hour and a half I sat around and did the odd bit of dispensing (Writing up labels and sorting the drugs into boxes for patients being discharged). After the tea break, which wasn't nice. The milk was a bit off and the sugar had run out so we used sweeteners, but a cuppa is a cuppa. At 11.00am Thom Shaw gave me a talk about Bipolar disorder, what it is and the drugs that are used for it. This lasted 30-40 minutes and afterwards I helped one of the other pharmacists, Jill, go round two of the wards and see which drugs they have and which they didn't. Back at the department I wrote up a form for the drugs that were needed for those wards. Lunch was for 45 minutes and during that time I played a bit of Minesweeper and Solitaire on one of the laptops. I also looked up some conditions which affect the mind i.e Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Alzheimers, Depression... After lunch I restocked the Pharmacy drug shelves with fresh drugs which came in today, and was introduced to the blister pod. It may sound disgusting but it's not. It's basically a box with holes for morning, lunch-time, evening and bed-time for each day of the week. Into these holes we put the drugs which had needed to be taken at those times, on those days. This method is mainly for disabled people or old people who couldn't read the labels on the boxes for their drugs. After that I did some more research on some sort of stuff and played more Minesweeper. Not much happens after 3.00pm to be honest.. DFTBA.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Work Experience - Day 1.

These blogs are more for my benefit than yours but over the next four days I'm gonna just do a blog on my work experience cause I don't have much else to write about... So I woke up today at 7 o'clock and actually got up around 7.20.. I had my breakfast and watched a bit of telly. At 8.10, Dad took me into Inverness. We got lost trying to find Newcraigs Hospital (The Psychiatric Hospital where I'm doing Work Experience). We found it eventually. I went in and followed the signs to the Pharmacy department where I knocked on the door and went in; leaving my dad behind. I was greeted by Thom Shaw, the head Pharmacologist (Whose surname is epic cause it's the surname of a bad guy in Chuck) and was interviewed by him for a little while. I was introduced to the rest of the team and then shown around the building. For the rest of the time until the Tea break I searched through the NHS's Website to see if there was anything useful I could use to make myself look smarter. Apparently, watching House doesn't teach you everything. After a cup of tea and being asked questions by different members of the department, the two Pharmacy Technicians (Jennetta and Catriona) gave me some dispensing work. Basically I printed out labels and boxed up the drugs for the people who were being discharged from the Hospital. I got a few wrong. Thankfully the Pharmacy people have to check all the Drugs being given before the patients can be sent on their way. This went on until lunch time (around 1.00pm) in which I had my roll, which had been picked up from the Co-op right before I left in the morning, and another cup of tea. After that I did some more dispensing, got a few more wrong and then everything settled down around 3.00pm and I was given a folder on the general workings and a folder on Clozapine, which is one of the drugs used on Schizophrenics, to read. I actually read a lot about Schizophrenia. Contrary to popular belief it's not Split Personalities. It's pretty much just hearing voices in your head and having hallucinations and delusions... So at 5.00pm I went home and got excited by some Bubble-Wrap which came with some shiny computer parts.. Yaaay!

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Saturday, 9 October 2010


I just realised Blogspot has a stats section.... Cool... I can now be even more paranoid about my number of page views. Yaaaaay.. I haven't written in a while. In an age actually. I don't have much to talk about. Apart from that next week I will be working in a Pharmaceutical department of a Psychiatric Hospital. That's right. Andrew Berry, an utter clown and altogether clumsy person, is making drugs.. Sweetness! In preparation I've started watching Series 1 of House. House is one of my favourite T.V show, along with Chuck and Mythbusters. Dr Gregory House M.D is what I would quite like to be when I grow older. And I love Hugh Laurie. His American accent he puts on is so convincing most Americans won't believe he's British. I'm considering bringing a cane in on Monday and pretending to have a limp.

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Saturday, 2 October 2010


I did a close-reading for my English teacher the other day about a certain monkey called Andi. Andi the Monkey, the first genetically altered monkey there has ever been. The writer mentioned how change is the very essence of life. And I like change. Change keeps things interesting. Be it for the better or for the worse. If everything was always the same, think of how boring things would be. And not like boring as in "Eugh, Sunday night with nothing to do" boring, think of a more "Eugh, my whole life with nothing to do". Change makes us. Hence what the writer said, it's the very essence of life. I used to not like coffee but now I consider Mochas a essential part of my diet... So change, I welcome you...

Now I got that off my mind, I have nothing to write about. I had Big Band last night and the whole of today. It was well fun. We played some good tunes. The next practice is right before the concert so no pressure. I'm bored. Not much to do except Doctor Who repeats on iPlayer.. I wish I had Halo: Reach. Unfortunately I have no money. Bummer.

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