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Monday, 11 October 2010

Work Experience - Day 1.

These blogs are more for my benefit than yours but over the next four days I'm gonna just do a blog on my work experience cause I don't have much else to write about... So I woke up today at 7 o'clock and actually got up around 7.20.. I had my breakfast and watched a bit of telly. At 8.10, Dad took me into Inverness. We got lost trying to find Newcraigs Hospital (The Psychiatric Hospital where I'm doing Work Experience). We found it eventually. I went in and followed the signs to the Pharmacy department where I knocked on the door and went in; leaving my dad behind. I was greeted by Thom Shaw, the head Pharmacologist (Whose surname is epic cause it's the surname of a bad guy in Chuck) and was interviewed by him for a little while. I was introduced to the rest of the team and then shown around the building. For the rest of the time until the Tea break I searched through the NHS's Website to see if there was anything useful I could use to make myself look smarter. Apparently, watching House doesn't teach you everything. After a cup of tea and being asked questions by different members of the department, the two Pharmacy Technicians (Jennetta and Catriona) gave me some dispensing work. Basically I printed out labels and boxed up the drugs for the people who were being discharged from the Hospital. I got a few wrong. Thankfully the Pharmacy people have to check all the Drugs being given before the patients can be sent on their way. This went on until lunch time (around 1.00pm) in which I had my roll, which had been picked up from the Co-op right before I left in the morning, and another cup of tea. After that I did some more dispensing, got a few more wrong and then everything settled down around 3.00pm and I was given a folder on the general workings and a folder on Clozapine, which is one of the drugs used on Schizophrenics, to read. I actually read a lot about Schizophrenia. Contrary to popular belief it's not Split Personalities. It's pretty much just hearing voices in your head and having hallucinations and delusions... So at 5.00pm I went home and got excited by some Bubble-Wrap which came with some shiny computer parts.. Yaaay!

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