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Saturday, 2 October 2010


I did a close-reading for my English teacher the other day about a certain monkey called Andi. Andi the Monkey, the first genetically altered monkey there has ever been. The writer mentioned how change is the very essence of life. And I like change. Change keeps things interesting. Be it for the better or for the worse. If everything was always the same, think of how boring things would be. And not like boring as in "Eugh, Sunday night with nothing to do" boring, think of a more "Eugh, my whole life with nothing to do". Change makes us. Hence what the writer said, it's the very essence of life. I used to not like coffee but now I consider Mochas a essential part of my diet... So change, I welcome you...

Now I got that off my mind, I have nothing to write about. I had Big Band last night and the whole of today. It was well fun. We played some good tunes. The next practice is right before the concert so no pressure. I'm bored. Not much to do except Doctor Who repeats on iPlayer.. I wish I had Halo: Reach. Unfortunately I have no money. Bummer.

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