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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Drama Queen. Literally.

Today was Fun. Like really fun. Fun Fun Fun. Drama was a right blast. Georgia and Kathryn had a right random sesh with their camera's though. I R Good Photographer! I liked acting. I was the girl.... I was called Mandy. I've never felt prettier in my life with my Orange Pillow Case with red tie belt and Purple Bow.... I was from East London.. Or should I say "Laandon!" Anyways, It was good fun. My whole dressing up didn't help with the whole I'm-not-gay thing though. Neither did my Tea Flask or the fact that I was doing in drama... But I don't care. Cause I'm not gay, I like tea and Drama and I like the colours orange and purple..........

(Don't tell me you didn't go "Baaaawwww")

I also had fun tonight, I was in Tain at an outside concert playing with the Ross-Shire Concert Band. I kinda mucked up a bit but it was really fun. And cold. And windy. And was about to rain. But fun times today. DFTBA.

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Monday, 28 June 2010

Warning: Blog ahead.

Too be honest, I had a inspirational message for this blog, but I forgot it because, well, I have the memory capability of a Plankton... I remember what it was about but I can't remember what I was gonna put in it. And I had it all worked out. And you know why? Because at night, the creative part of my brain goes in warp-drive and I think of everything and anything. But if I don't write it down or something, in the morning it has completely gone. So there you go.

So in typical nerd tradition, I am going to write about the Doctor Who Finale. What an amazing ending. Some people are probably complaining on how it didn't make sense. But the way I see it, it doesn't have to. It's a TV series with a Blue, Time Travelling Police Box, with a mad man wearing a Harris Tweed jacket and an equally mad Ginger Girl from Inverness. And compared to Lost, Doctor Who is as easy as 1,2,3... And it did actually kinda make sense. To me anyway. And it showed the fact that "What is lost is never forgotten". And I liked that. I also liked how you didn't know what was gonna happen and all the plot twists and what not, very goood. I'm currently looking up tea flasks cause I really want a good one... I told Dad that if I get good results I want: Some TV series on DVD, A small TV for the games room (I'd pay for half) or a good Tea Flask....

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Eggandreggew Beggerry.

The title is of course my name in Egg language. Egg language is where you place the word "egg" before a vowel. And that is what today's blog is gonna be about. Languages. Love or hate them, we all have one. And I like languages. What I don't like is being taught them in school. Yes, I may be able to say "J'ai une chat" in French but when will I ever have to say that in an everyday sentence. Think of what it'd sound like if we did that in English... "So, you got any pets?" "Yes I have a cat and two dogs. They are called Sally, Bessy and George. I also have a sister. She has brown curly hair." To my understanding, what we learn in these classes will not help us in everyday conversations. I want to be able to converse with other people. Not stop every new sentence to think of another phrase. I would like to be able to piece my sentences together bit by bit. Anyway, so I like languages. I especially like Latin. I think it's one of the original, older languages. People who have learnt it seem to get the respect, "You know Latin? Woooah!" It's also good for understanding science words i.e Ornithorhynchus Anatinus or in Laymans terms your average Platypus. (Side Note, I love Platypuses. Very intriguing animals. One of the five mammals to lay eggs, one of the few poisonous mammals and has the best sense ever, Electrolocation. Wikipedia it.) Other languages I've learnt is Pig Latin, where you take the begin letter of a word, put it at the back and add "Ay" to the end. E.g Pig Latin becomes Igpay Atinlay. I also enjoy the language you share with friends, not just the general Shouts and Grunts that you expect them to understand which in my case they do, but the body language too. For example, they will be able to tell that you're sad without even speaking and then they'll cheer you up without even saying a word. Friends, the best anti-depressants in the world.

So languages, I love them. But not being taught them. That's too annoying for me. Those who looked at my page from 10 o'clock last night till a few hours ago will have realised I changed my template. I changed it back. I didn't like it. But hopefully Devon Barnett (devonisonfirestill.blogspot.com) will help me with an HTML soon... Whatever that means.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Quick Blog

Quick Blog. New template. Boring school. Counted change, exchanging change for money tomorrow. Crackdown 2 demo. Late at night. School tomorrow. Dead Chuffed tomorrow. Filled out a form for Malawi trip. Got excited over Oswestry. Got rather bored. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean. So on, so forth. Awkward ending. Bye....

Okay, have a picture of a cute cat....

(Cute furball is cute)

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

News flash!

Howdy hey.... Um... I was gonna blog about something but I can't remember now. Soooo.... This is just gonna be a load of trash... Ummm... Nothings really happened much. Except today was one of the most brilliant/funnest/entertaining/stupidest English lessons evar!! What happened was because me and Devon had been there last week and knew all the stuff she was going over, we were sent to recycle her paper. This is the list of what happened; Had fun walking around like a pregnant women on the way to recycling bin, couldn't find the bin, asked John the Jannie, found the bin, realised we needed a plastic bag for the paper, went to reception for bag, sent to Janitors room to get bag, no-one there, went to annoy WUM, sent away from WUM, complained about plastic bag, got given a plastic bag by the the photocopier lady, went back to bin, attempted to empty paper into the bag, failed, dropped paper box into bag, spent 5 minutes chasing run-away paper, put bag in bin, ran away. Aaaaaaaaaaah good times...

So that's the highlight of my day really.... I cannot wait for Crackdown 2, I've been playing the demo. Zohmygoodness. That looks amazing. Like properly. Like UH-MAZINGLY good. Anyways, so does Assassins Creed Brotherhood, that looks cool. And I cannot wait for the third installment of the Assassins Creed series. I think it'll be Greece next....

That's it really. I'm quite bored. I miss the rest of the group in school. It really is boring without them........

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mah Pet Peeves.

I am gonna write down my top pet peeves. I don't have that many, but I have a lot to say about them. So, here are my Top Pet Peeves.
  • When people leave the milk out of the fridge... I hate it when people do this, that means if I want a cold glass of milk, I won't get it. I'll have luke warm milk, which isn't what I wanted. And then if it has just been left out and someone else has put it back in. I'll pour my milk and realise it's warm, Me no gusta warm milk. 
  • When people think they're gangsta because they talk "liek thiss yo!" Frankly you're an abomination if you speak like this. No-one thinks that you're cool, and it's worse if they try to dress like a gangsta especially if they're white (White people cannot be gangsta). No, I do not like to see your pants every second of every day. If you don't have enough money for a belt, save some money buy selling that stupid necklace or "Bling!" which is hung around your neck and is ridiculously too big...
  • People who are racist and think that every Black/Asian/Muslim/*enter any other religion here* is not a person and should be treated like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. They are people too and they are no different from you or I. They don't make fun of you for not being the same religion/ethnicity as them so lay off the cruelty.
  • When people still think it's cool to miss out every second word whilst typing. If you ask me "How R U?" I will not answer. If you are too lazy to type in 4 extra letters which will cost you all of three seconds then you shouldn't be able to own a computer. It isn't cool. Or Kwl for that matter.
Thats all I can think of for the moment so I'mma just leave with this webpage... Cutest. Webpage. Evar!!! www.thewondrous.com/33-oddest-animal-couples/  ....

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Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Six Word Paradox.

My English Short-Story is finished. Done and dusted. Until I have to redo it. And that's probably most likely gonna happen. I like writing. That's why I hated English last year, too much analysing and stuff. But now it's a lot better because we get to write more. And I like to write... But one thing that annoyed me about this was the word length. 1,300 words? Serious?! And to make it worse, I did 1,306 words. I stand defiant I need everyone but no doubt my teacher will make me get rid of them. But hopefully that's cause this was just a short-story. I'm not sure what else we have to write about. Hopefully Poems. But not weird poems... Or Haiku's. Haiku's are weird. As much as they are cool, some can be rather pointless... Like this one.

But it's Japanese so I guess some of them are gonna be a bit wacky.... Today was fun. Kinda. Double period of maths which was okay. But tomorrow I have a double period of Study cause Mrs Gilliland isn't in. Ugh! And to make it worse, I won't have Devon or Kathryn to entertain me. I'm actually gonna have to do work! Oh well. I might compose a song that's been brewing in my head for the past few months. Don't really have much else to write other than that it looks like good weather ahead. Oh and on Saturday I may be in a Podcast by Cerberus Films. Keep an eye out, I may be a regular soon enough.......

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun,

I find it kinda weird now that my exams are over. I have nothing to do. I can't remember before my exams started. Now I think about it I guess I just played Video Games. Speaking of which. E3, one of the biggest game events of the year is over. And Microsoft has revealed it's secret weapon. They talked about Kinect (Previously named Natal) and it's features and showed one of the new games called Kinectimals. Cutest. Game. Evar! But no, Kinect wasn't the best thing there. It was just a cover-up, a pretty awesome cover-up, but a cover-up none the less. What really blew my mind? The new Xbox 360. I have no-dea how Microsoft kept it secret for so long, but there is a new one. And it's releasing in America this week. It looks amazing. And has even better features. It's smaller, quieter, has a whopping 250GB of storage and built in WiFi. The WiFi in it is apparently the best there is out there at the moment so Microsoft have kinda blown my mind. I want this as soon as it comes out in Britain. I mean, this looks fantastic.

Today, I was thoroughly entertained in school. First of all was a Highland Youth Big Band show in the Theatre which was amazing and i am now really looking forward to playing in it. Then we went to Millburn for a talk on NASA and Astronauts from an actual Astronaut.  Well cool. Space is now possibly one of my future careers...

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Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well today so far has been boring. I've done diddly squat. I would practice Saxophone for my exam on Monday (Just as I was typing this the sudden realisation that I have my Grade 5 exam on Monday hit me and I was paralyzed for a few seconds) but my dad is sleeping, well he was anyway. I've been playing Oblivion. I love that game. I love all sandbox games, where you can do what you want and you don't have to follow the story line. This is the reason why I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so excited for Crackdown 2. I loved the first one and the second looks even better. It seems like a mixture of an enhanced Crackdown 1 and of Left For Dead. I think. Another thing I cannot wait for is Project Natal for the Xbox 360. Looks awesome. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, I shall copy and paste from Wikipedia:

It enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller through a natural user interface using gestures, spoken commands or presented objects and images. The project is aimed at broadening the Xbox 360's audience beyond its typical gamer base.


I have maths homework... But I don't know how to work it out. Maybe I should go do that now......... Or I could look at funny pictures.. Yaaay Procrastination!

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Family Fun Times.

I love my family. They're fantastic. Today was a family meet for my cousins 21st birthday. Everyone bar Richard, Donald and Rhona was there. I loved it. I met my new cousin Abigail who I have never met before. Cutest. Little Thing. EVAR!!! She is so adorable. Especially when she smiles. And she smiles a lot. She smiled when she looked at me, which is good. Mum was really embarrassing and spent the whole time going "Brrrrr. Hub wub wub wub. Brururbrbrbr!" to baby Abigail. And around August 9th, they're will be yet another addition to the family. My cousin Sarah is prego. With what we're not sure. She hopes for a boy but says she won't be upset if it's a girl. But anyways, Grampa was hilarious. I'll type out a few of his quotes.

Grampa: So you're going to Oswestry Senior' that's where they smoke all the hash and stuff right?!"

Grampa: "I once won a contest for being knowing how to say Good-Bye in Welsh."

He also complained about the many companies that he doesn't like. And I spoke to Dave about his band "The Scottish Enlightenment" who have recently released an EP called Pascal I think. A link to one of their websites is http://music.thescottishenlightenment.com/. They're also on iTunes. Very good if a say so myself. They released an album called Volo Et Sis a few years back. And I don't think I have anything else to say apart from a big Congratulations to Catriona Stewart and thank-you for the balloons which are now in my bedroom.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Haters gonna hate.

So earlier today I was getting rather frustrated with my mother. I'm not anymore though. The reason for my frustration was my mothers constant nagging over the past however many months, and secondly cause my Piano Lesson started at 4.30 yet my mother still insisted we go to Tesco. We left Tesco and 4.30 and got stuck in Rush Hour. I have an OCD about being late so that didn't really help. But I didn't hate my mum. However many times you say you hate someone, do you actually hate them, or are you just annoyed at them. The word Hate is thrown around to much. We don't dislike them so much we wish them death and damnation upon their souls, well, maybe in some exceptional cases we do. But I think people say it too often and it's true meaning has been lost. The same with Love. We say we "Love" something everyday but we don't actually love it, we like it a lot, but we wouldn't marry it. Unless said thing is a person then Love is something else. But this kind of "Love" is mistranslated as well, people with Crushes will say "I love *insert name here*" but they don't they have a crush on them/find them physically attractive. True love is saying to your partner and saying you want to be with them forever and after. So if you do "Love" someone, make sure it's the real kind of love.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Fame Game.

So I was reading a blog I follow called "The Musings Of A Wanna Be Star" and she did a blog about putting your iPod on shuffle and kinda posting them. So I thought I'd do it.... Not like being a copycat or anything *Shifty eyes*

1. Paolo Nutini - These Streets
I quite like this song. Paolo Nutini is probably one of the better artists on my iTunes register. Most times I have to skip through a lot of songs just to get to a good song. But lets not curse this Shuffle shall we.

2. The Blues Brothers - Jailhouse
This songs is just so, so, so fantastic. The Blues Brothers are one of the best bands I've ever heard. And they're film was quite funny too, the second one not so much. I adored the Saxophone player in The Blues Brother. He was cool.

3. Michael Nyman - The Promise
I love this song. It's just piano with a bit of strings in the background which I find fantastic. I want to play this piece so much. I saw the sheet music for the whole album for maybe £16, bit to out of my price range, and according to Lorna (My piano teacher) it's very hard to play too because each hand accents at different times or something like that.

4. Black Eyed Peas - They Don't Want Music
I won't lie. I did quite like there old album of Monkey Business, especially Gone Going which featured Jack Johnson. That song is definately high up in my song favourites.

5. The Killers - Mr. Brightside
This song brings up both bad and good memories. I listened to The Killers a lot when I was going through some bad times so it reminds me of said emotions I felt then, which happens a lot when I listen to music.

So thats the Shuffle game. The afore said blogger "The Musings Of A Wanna Be Star" is quite a big blogger with at least 1000 followers. I found her on the Blogs of Notes bitty on Blogspot and I quite liked her Blog. And thats ultimately what I want to do on this Blog. I want to get more followers, not for money from the Monetising option which I probably won't do, but for the recognition and the knowledge that I am good at something. I've always wanted to be a bit more than average. Not just that bloke you know with no real things to put to his name. So if anyone knows of anyway to spread the word, spread it. But if you don't wanna, don't. I ain't preachin' here.

I also want to put a small inspirational message out there. To any readers out there who are possibly getting bullied for any reason what so ever, read on. I read a story recently on Mylifeisaverage.com and it went a bit like this:

Today, A girl who made my life miserable back
in high-school added me as a friend on Facebook.
The first thing she posted on my wall was
about how she just got a job at a good company
and how she was so succesful and I wasn't.
I own the company she is working for. MLIA.

What I'm trying to say is, things may be bad now, but in the future you may be the richest person in the world. If they're mocking you for who you are, be proud of it. They're mocking you because you're different and people who are different go further than you average Joe.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hello my dear, dear friends/readers/aliens/cyborgs.
I spent today in the wrong school.... I was a Culloden Academy for a Jazz Workshop (At this point of writing I saw a GIF about Fry from Futurama's pet dog that waited for him to come back but he never did cause he was in a frozen state, and it made me sad...) and I was there most of the school day which was unfortunate cause I missed the whole day of fun new 5th year classes. There I made new friends, met an old friend and got scared by a hyper dude in a purple jumper. I also learned new tricks on Improvisation and clapped a lot. I haven't really done much in the past few days. I still need to get a NERF gun but as soon as I pay my debts to the bank of Dad, it's off to Amazon we go.

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Monday, 7 June 2010

Chargin' mah laser!

Shoop de whoop! Only some weirdos like moi will get the title. Lets hope some do.
Dammit. Why is it everytime I go to write this I forget what I was gonna write?! Ooooh. I just found a new key on my keyboard... ¬ ¬ ¬... Sorry. ADD and all....
I've been playing Skate 3 recently and I started having a "What if" moment. I have these a lot. Where I begin to wonder what would have happened if I did something differently. And there's a lot of things I regret doing/not doing. Like I regret not learning to play the cello, and I know I can begin to know but it's a bit too late if you ask me. But this particular moment was about Skateboarding. I had no sense of balance when I was younger, a trait I still have, I mean I couldn't stand up on some rollerblades until I was around 9/10-ish. And I couldn't even push a skateboard without falling off (just so everyone knows, I had a Pokemon skateboard. I know. I'm too cool.) But I occasionally did tie it to my scooter and drag people along on the Skateboard. But now I wish I had done more. I was interested, but I didn't have the willpower because, well, my attention span was even shorter than it is now. But I'm thinking I may take it up now. I'd love to see the world in a different way. Like seeing a railing as a place to jump over, rather than it just being a railing. That would be fun.... I also have had a stroke of brilliance to add to a video idea of mine. With a little help of Freddie Wong I now have something cool which I might try to add to a video... Now all I need is a NERF gun, actors and some good effects software.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dolce and Banana.

I couldn't think of a blog name. So I searched the Internet. Last time I'll be doing that in a while.....
Today was quite good fun. We went to "Tree Zone" which is an aerial assault course near Aviemore.. So much fun. They have a 150m, maybe longer, zip wire at the end. That was really quite fun.... But I was really disappointed cause we went to a place for lunch that we've been to before and when we went there before it had the BEST French Toast EVAR!!! But apparently that was just a Sunday Brunch thing. Oh and apparently the longest zip wire ever is in Johannesburg is South Africa. It's, *searches google for length*, 2 Km long and goes at a whopping average speed of 120 km/h.... Want want want want want! Seriously. Want.

Oh, I also found a website called funlol.com. Compared to funnyjunk.com, it's a lot better. Funnyjunk as now changed from actual funny pictures to people ranting about there being no funny pictures, comics which aren't funny and some crap about a guy called Dsend.... I'll post two funny pictures I found on Funlol. I LOL'd at them. And I actually LOL'd, I didn't just think they're funny and not laugh. I ROLFMAO'd at them...

(Ignore the bit at the top, Click on it to get full picture.)

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Cheese Balls!!

I was gonna do a continued rant on the unfairness religious people get. But I'll do that tomorrow. Far more things to talk about.... Like Skate3! ZOMG!!!!! UH-MAZING! I actually love it. So much fun, but when there is a challenge I cannot do I kinda get very frustrated. But as soon as you do it you feel better. I tried for maybe half an hour just to get an achievement for doing a "Miracle Whip" which is basically doing a "Superdude" whilst doing a Frontflip.. I could do the Superdude. But frontflips are hard. Like insanely. Luckily I subscribe to a Youtube Channel named Rooster Teeth. These guys do almost daily videos on games and achievements and they're currently doing some on Skate 3 as well as Red Dead Redemption and Split/Second. They're also responsible for the almighty Red Vs Blue web-comic. I suggest you check 'em out. Just a side note, in Skate3 there is a guy called Coach Frank. It took me a day and one Wikipedia page to find out who it is. It's Jason Lee! A.K.A Earl from "My name is Earl", Syndrome from "The Incredibles" and Dave from "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Legend.

What else can I blog about? Hmmm. Oh yeah. My four year run of having Mrs Fenn for maths has ended. I now have Mr Wight. Mrs Fenn is a good teacher. Really nice. And finally, if anyone reading this is going to have Dinner in Inverness, I suggest a place called "The Filling Station". It's near Falcon Square. Fantastic pizza...

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Today's been a rather lazy day, but I did mow the garden. That was fun. What have I actually done today? Oh yeah. I realized how fricking amazing Skate 3 is. I downloaded the demo and now I wants it. I was gonna get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 tomorrow... But that can wait.. Speaking of games, this year is gonna be a good one for them. Coming out this month, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Transformers: War on Cybertron. And then next month, *fanfare* Crackdown 2! I actually cannot wait. It looks UH-MAZING!! And then in September, Halo Reach! I properly cannot wait. This year is gonna be gooood... I actually have a really weird feeling that I want to play Half-Life. Although that it is really unrealistic. I mean Half-Life 2 is. Its like "Freeman, you're only hope. Here's a crowbar" and "Thousands of Metropolitan Police with alien technology, beaten by an MIT Student with a Crowbar"... See my point?

(This guy's Hardcore)

Well, I'm apparently going to a place called "The Filling Station" for tea tonight as a Finished Exam present. But Dad promised me a Bacon Double Cheese-Burger. They better have those.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cereal Killer.

Well... It's only half way through the day and I now know that I should go to sleep earlier. I got up at 9.45, went down to the Kitchen, put my cereal in the bowl, poured milk into it, got my eating utensils and sat down to watch TV... At this point, Mum notices my fatal error. I had got myself a knife and fork, not a spoon. Now I'm not sure any of you know how hard it is to eat Coco Pops with a knife and fork, but I can tell you that it is very difficult. I then went up to play Halo 3 online but it seems so... so... much worse than what it used to be before I played Reach. I mean I kept hitting the wrong buttons, the weapons seems wrong, and worse I was Lagging because of a Power-Cut we just had. So of course instead of blaming myself for my useless-ness, I blamed: The Controller, The Wifi, The enemy team, My team, America, My Coco-Pops, Microsoft, My Xbox and pretty much everything but myself. As any gamer would.

(This'll be me when I'm older)

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