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Saturday, 31 July 2010


Blarrahghagh! I have nothing to do in these holidays. I have played and finished every Xbox games. Watched every recorded TV Show. Spent all my money and I'm still bored... If someone has the free time, Entertain me! Please? The current time is 23:05 on the evening of Saturday the 31st of July 2010.. Lets see how much I can write before my brain cuts out.

{Cutest. Thingie. Evar!}

I didn't do much today. Oh, I got a haircut. I actually wanted it, which is strange. Mum must have put something in my food. My Dad and I were gonna go rockclimbing before we picked Rhona up from work but we arrived to find the closing times had changed and the rock-wall had closed a mere 15 minutes earlier. Damn you Inverness Aquadome/Leasure Centre place. Damn you. But then I thought "Hey, I've got two hours till we pick up Rhona, LETS GET A HAIRCUT! YAY!" because as much as I hate to admit it, my hair had kinda gotten a bit too long. My curls were too, well, curly... And off we went barber hunting. Most were closed but we found one that was open. I'd never been there before but they were pretty decent. But I'm not sure if its me, or if its something in the Y Chromosome that all we males share, but telling the barber what you want your hair to be like is really hard... How can you say "Like this, but shorter" in Barber speak? Its all like:
  • "Do you want a number two on that?". A number what?
  • "Shall I use the clippers? Or the trimmers?". You're speaking words. None of them makes sense.
  • ""How about getting it layered?" What do I, I don't even....... Whut?
And yeah, I asked for it to be thickened out and with around an inch cut off the length... The lady helped me choose that. I didn't have a clue what I was doing... Before I shut the computer down and leave this for tomorrow, I wanna blog about this. There is a guy who made a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months. And it looks epic. I don't really know much about who Daft Punk are but I don't care cause the helmet is too awesome to take my eyes off it. It has pretty lights and all.... The Youtube video of the guy making it is --> HERE <-- and the guys blog is --> HERE <--. Have fun. I'mma sign off now.

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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mr Sandman

So yesterday I mentioned dreams and I have nothing else to write about today so, dreams is my chosen subject of the day.

Dreams. I don't get them very often but when I do they're either really average, or not-so-average at all. My dreams are mostly just odd ones when they are no-so-average, like giant chickens or whatever. Luckily, I'm not cursed with nightmares. I don't know why, but I never seem to have them, unless the one with giant chickens was a nightmare. Hmm. Anyway, my friend Devon Barnett has alot of nightmares of rapists and running from axe-murderers and the likes but I never seem to get them. MY two latest dreams that I can remember have been rather odd, and by odd, I mean odd. I thankfully didn't have one last night but the night before my dream was that I was sitting in a long banquet hall like in Hogwarts and I was at a table. Also at the table were a few unknown people and famous Youtuber, Alex Day. For some reason in my dream I didn't know it was him and I called him James. Now, James said something about "Space, Time and Ewoks". And these words, somehow, reminded me of Alex Day and I shouted "ALEX DAY!" at James who then looked really confused and insulted me. I was sad for the rest of the dream. And the night before that I dreamt I was part of the police force, chasing a guy who stole some lasagna and we were all on Penny Farthings. Strange. But my favourite dream of all time was when I dreamt I had a pet kitten named Ted. When I woke up from that dream, lets just say I was sad for a few hours because Ted wasn't real.

Now there are some people who probably thing that what you dream about actually means something. This is actually utter crap. It may offend some people what I just said, but it's true. I'll copy a thing out for you so you know what I mean. This is supposedly what an Acacia Tree means if it's in your dream. 

To see an acacia tree in your dream, symbolizes
 your attitudes with death and
your sense of mortality.

Nonsense. That's what that is. The reason we need sleep is to recharge our body, physically and mentally. Mentally because if we didn't we'd probably go insane because what sleep does is wind up all the mess that happened in that day, and tidy it up. Compact it into something else. And dreams are basically that. It's memories or bits of things that you've either seen or done that day or through-out the week. I dreamt about Penny Farthings because I'd been thinking about them for some reason. In this case, because I heard a funny joke involving a Penny Farthing. Case closed.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Read it. Like it. Share it?

Blogspot has a share button?! Since when? And what does it do? Oh so many questions so little time. If you actually know how to work it, then use it for what its meant to be used for. Share!
Ummm, anyways, today has been an uneventful boring day. Apart from the fact that I painted my grans fence for 7 hours. And it's still not finished. Yippy Kiyay. It started at 10 o'clock this morning and finished just past 5 o'clock. I was painting my granny's fence with this Cuprinol stuff. I don't know what it actually is, but hopefully it's not poisonous. Cause I managed to get some on my lip, and then some more in my eye. Well done me.  But yeah, i'm not sure what it does. I seemed to get more of the Cuprinol on me and the surrounding grass than I did on the fence. I actually had so much on me. I figured that if i went out in public, people would have thought I had killed a man. Or punched an Anime character in the face, because from what I've seen, Anime characters bleed waay to much. A guy shouldn't bleed out a swimming pool of blood just for being stabbed in the gut. Anyways, I did maybe half or two thirds of the fence today and I'm back to do the rest tomorrow. I got paid aswell which was a plus, the downside was as soon as i got home I had to give it to dad cause I got new earphones and an iPod case. Bummer.

Something else funny between my last blog and this blog, well it's a breakfast scenario involving both sides of my head, my sane side and my not-so-sane side. I shall write it out.

Sane: I'm hungry, whats in the bread box?
Sane: Aaaw man, Only one pancake, I can't have only one pancake, it needs to be two.
Insane: But but but but, I want pancakes.
Sane: Guess I'll just have Coco-Pops.
Insane: Go look for more pancakes! NOW!
Sane: We don't have any. I know that much.
Insane: Make some!
Sane: Whut? I don't know how to..
Insane: ... ... ... YOU DON'T HAVE NO PANCAKE MIX!!
Sane: Two camels in a tiny car. Shut up.

I should probably get myself checked out, cause that's not normal. Neither are the dreams I've been having lately. That's another story for another day. DFTBA.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

You've got a friend in me.

Before I start Blogging, I'mma dedicate this blog to Judy Stewart and her many wonderful colours, because she asked me too. I've been meaning to for a while, but I am sure I have short term memory loss so I forgot. So, yeah. To Judy.

I'm going to go see Toy Story 3 tonight. It should be well fun. But if the film is utter crap, I am going to sue Pixar and Disney for wasting the past 7 years of my life that I have waited so eagerly for this day. The young ones, they won't appreciate it as much as us simple teens, they haven't endured the wait. I also feel sorry for future generations cause they no longer have to wait for the next Harry Potter book to come out but thats another story. But yeah Toy Story 3, we're going tonight. If anyone is in the Inverness Vue Cinema at 8 o'clock, you shall see me there in my Mr Potato Head t-shirt which I am wearing in tribute to this epic film. It better be good. Other films I really wanna see are Shrek 4 (Which will hopefully live up to the first films greatness, the Second and Third ones were pretty abysmal), Inception (Which I thought looks slightly like Cloverfield but better and gives less headaches, but I have been not-very-kindly informed by my bestest bud that they're nothing alike) and Predator (Which I have no-idea about). I like cinemas. But mainly for the Popcorn, or the even better Crotchcorn which me and Devon invented, the Popcorn which didn't make it into your mouth the first time you flicked it in and you have to pick it off your body. I've spent the day doing nothing today, I was gonna make a video, but the Camcorder is out of battery and I have no clue how to charge it up. Helladank! DFTBA.

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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Half fun, half bored, half not good at fractions.

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while, but I was too lazy and didn't. This was also going to be a review of Crackdown 2, but its not. Because, I'm too lazy. And anyway, today's been to fun/boring/stressful. I had to cut the grass which would be fine if it hadn't been for almost running out of petrol and then having the mower go all crazy on you. Damn blades kept clogging up with the grass and it sprayed this clogged up grass everywhere. Not fun. But at least I got outside for a decent amount of time. I also went up to The Studio today asking for a job, literally half a second after asking if they had one, the lady shot me down. "No, no jobs. Sorry, see ya." Wow, rejection much. But it wasn't so bad cause the Co-op was having a deal on two packets of Chocolate Chip Maryland Cookies for £1. Om-Nom-Nom. I think I shall now have a blog on the Internet to waste my time.

The Internet (a.k.a the Blog-o-sphere, the Interwebs, the Magical Shiny Thingie on my Computer)  is a weird and wonderful thing. It is able to provide a source of income to some, music to many, information for those who want it, and fun for all. And yes people may say "The Internet is a bad thing. BAD! It's full of paedophiles and monsters who want to steal my money!" And yes this is true. Partly. The Internet is only dangerous if you don't know how to use it. It's like a car in some senses, we use it everyday, it helps many people and is very useful if you know how to drive it, but if you don't know how to, it can be disastrous. And it's the same as the Internet. You just have to be careful and make sure you don't fall prey to the Trolls of 4chan, or the Paedos of Omegle. But anyway, the Internet. A good thing. I myself, would not have passed one school project I've done if Google had not existed. And I wouldn't be able to laugh at fails on Youtube. People like Danny Macaskill, Shane Dawson or Ray William Johnson will never have been famous and never be acknowledged for their fantastic skills. I wouldn't even be writing this to you now. So, yeah, enjoy the Internet, but don't ruin for others. Please.

Blarrrgh, I am running out of things to do in the holidays. I might go and eat my Cookies now whilst watching Alice In Wonderland... Now there's a plan and a half.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hello World. Again.

I'm back. I've been away for around 10 days but I am finally back at home. Well I actually got home yesterday but was too busy gaming to Blog. I'll blog about Crackdown 2 (The game i was playing) another day. So yeah, Oswestry Senior 2010? In three words? Fantastic, Spectacular and Uh-Mazing! It was brilliant. I met new people, made new friends, went to Alton Towers, went shopping, Bought dvd's etc. The list goes on and on and on. I loved it down there and here is my reason. The top three things in my life are: Friends, Family and my Faith. I haven't blogged about my faith much but I am a christian. And Oswestry Senior is a mix of those three things. I met new friends who were all in the same position as me and we treated each other as one big family. We were all just one big happy family. I would blog about everything but I fear that it would bore you. So Oswestry Senior? Great Success!

I was at a wedding the other day, the day when I actually came up from England so i was pretty knackered for that, but a can of Red Bull and Cups of Tea kept me going. It was my old ministers daughters wedding who we were family friends with and she was marrying someone from Inverness. What are the chances. And at the reception we were sat at tables we're the bride and groom had both been together. Me and Rhona were sat at Cambridge. I felt Special. But even more special was the fact that an old friend was at the table too. Rev John Forbes, and he is in his 20's but he looks exactly like Harry Olsen from Spider-Man. Epic.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I haz vLog now?

I did the impossible. I made a vLog. It may not be a good vLog but it's a vLog none-the-less... It's actually pretty crappy. If enough people watch it I'mma make another. But it probably won't so I'mma stick to BlogSpot. I wish I had a better webcam, or charisma, or any characteristics that can be used in a vLog at all... Sad Face.

vLog is --> HERE <--

In other news, I may monetise this Blog with Adsense on Google. Probably not, but you never know. I may want the money. Actually, forget I just said that. I'mma be poor and not monetise the blog.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Oh my, Oh me.

You may have noticed I'm doing alot of blogs. It's because I'm leaving for a week on Thursday and will have no blogging opportunity's so I'mma make up for it now. Today's blog will be on my favourite thingies... Ranging from Biscuits to Spots to sit in. So yeah, I'll start thinking now.

  • Song? At the moment it's Through Glass by Stone Sour but it'll change soon probably.
  • Tv-Show? Doctor Who! Or Star Trek Voyager... Hmmmm... Decisions.
  • Film? The New Star Trek film..... Je suis un Nerd.
  • Biscuit? CafĂ© Noir by McVities.
  • Actual food? Ummmmm.... Steak.
  • Piece of Technology? Mah iPod.
  • Website? This one. http://www.whosthecutest.com./ 
  • Space in the house? Mah Bed!
  • Spot to sit in? A certain tree by Fortrose Harbour.
  • Actor? Karen Gillan..
  • Animal? Red Panda and the Platypus.
  • PC game? Half-Life.
  • Xbox game? Fable II.
  • Pun? That's not Punny.
  • Animal you've ever owned? My pet kitten called Ted who I once had a dream about.
  • Game Console? Xbox 360....
  • Thing to do in life? Eat, Watch Youtube and Play Xbox. Again, je suis un Nerd.
  • Instrument? Piano...
And I ran out of ideas.... That kinda sucks. I just realised how weird I sound from that. If you're just reading this and you don't know me. I'm not that sad. I'm just a bit crazy.... DFTBA.

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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Introducing the brand new iRant.

This may upset a few people but I don't really like Apple that much at the moment. I'm gonna try to explain in the Blog/Rant of mine. And I don't just mean the Apple products, I mean Apple itself. So lets begin shall we?

First off I'm gonna start with a bit of Apple history, which explains why there is no Beatles music or anything related to the Beatles on iTunes. The reason is simple. Back when they were still a group, they're publishers/editors were called Apple Corp. Then along came Apple and Apple Corp. told them that they could keep there name as long as they did not go into the music business. So what did Apple do? Create iTunes of course. So then the ongoing battle between Apple Corp. and Apple began. And this baffles me to the extreme. What kind of idiot would go through with this ridiculous thought process? I imagine it to be a bit like this. "Hmmm... We've just been told that there is another company named Apple Corp. They were here before us so I guess we're kinda violating their name. We can go on but not have anything to do with Music you say? Sure that's fine. Oh I have an idea, lets invent a site where you can download music and face potential law suits. Yaaaaaaay!" Or something along those lines. Why would you do that? It just utterly bamboozles me.

Now onto their products. And don't get me wrong, I love my iPod Touch. I'd be lost without it. But I'll get onto that problem later, I wanna talk about their computers/laptops. The Apple Macs are pretty much useless when it comes to anything apart from Movie-Making and Picture Editing. They're very good at both of those, but they fail at everything else. They're only gaming system I can think of is Steam and that was only released a few weeks back. And they try to cover up all this uselessness with features on the Macs that may come in handy. But some of these are useless too. For instance the Magnetic power cord so that if someone trips over it the computer doesn't fall of the table. Okay, 1. The whole point of a laptop is that its portable and doesn't need cables and if when I do plug it in to charge, I'm not gonna leave the cable stretched across a busy hallway am I? No I'm gonna put it in my bedroom on my desk with the cable no-where near the floor. 2. I generally won't have my computer on my lap with the cable stretching across a hallway either. It would be on a desk with the cable neatly behind it so no-one can actually trip over it. If you would like to explain to me how someone managed to fit and walk behind my desk and then had enough space to trip in, be my guest. Now onto the other products, these products are good. The new iPad looks good and so do the new features on the new iPhone but what I hate about these products is that when you buy one, a better one will be coming out in about 8-12 months. If Apple had the ideas for a better iPod when they released it why didn't the hold back a while and put them in then? I recently got excited cause of the new iOS4 software for the iPod touch. There were some great features which I though would be epic on my 2nd Generation iPod Touch. I downloaded the software and booted up my old iPod. After five days of searching for these features I looked on the Internet and found out the features I wanted could only be used on a 3rd Generation iPod Touch. If someone else cares to explain how putting a picture as the background requires a new iPod Touch, I'm all ears. So heres's to you Steve Jobs. Thanks for nothing.

If you read all that I congratulate you, I've been meaning to blog about that for days.... So my grandparents are round so it's been shouting for the past 24 hours so they can hear and in about half an hour I'm going job hunting in Fortrose. Goood times. DFTBA.

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Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh Snap!

Today was just so much fun. I know I pretty much start off every blog like this, but this day doesn't just take the cake, it eats it whole. First off Chemistry. Playing card games for the whole period. And not cool card games like Poker, we played Snap. And this game was tense. So tense I almost cried. Of laughter, but that's not the point. It was a three-way face-off. Heather, Devon and I. Heather lost within five minutes, but me and Devon played for another 50 minutes and I eventually won. But it was very close. My number of cards went up and down like a roller coaster but I still won. The best moment was Devon forgetting how to speak English and saying "MAAMAALAALLMALAM!!!" instead of the traditional "SNAP!" Good times. I then introduced Devon to 21 (or Blackjack or whatever you want to call it) and had a few games of that. I think we drew on that one... I like Blackjack. It's fun, easy, simples and if you're a genius, can get you a bucket load of money. It's called Card-Counting. If you've ever seen the film "21" you know what it is. You basically have to estimate the probability of which cards coming up next, what cards the dealer has and if you should stick or hit. I really wanna learn how to do that.

So in memory of my past two days of dressing up I am now wearing glasses I kept from a 3D film. Not sure which. I have many of these glasses cause, well, I'm a hoarder. Jokes. I like shiny things and these are not exception. Shiny Shiny....

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Caution: This Blog contains Inspirational content. (And a funny picture.)

This blog will probably be a long one because I want to talk about my day and I want to put in an inspirational message. But the real reason I want to write a blog? So I can put the funniest picture ever in it. This made me LOL hard. I'll put it right at the very end where they normally are but I'll have one or two funnies in between.

So my day was fun. I turned from a East London girl into a French War Veteran obsessed with cheese in less than 24 hours. That's skill. Our group in LTA was Kathryn, Mercy and I. We were doing a sketch of three old men (An American, A British man and a French Man) fighting over which country in the Allies were the most important. This was hard for me as I being the French man had to come up with some things the French did in World War 2. I got zilch. So I put in that we gave them Baguettes and Cheese (Pronounced Sh-Ee-Zz) hence the obsession with cheese. Unfortunately, I once again had to dress up in the most outlandish way possible. This includes: A white shirt, A red carafe, Blue farmers trousers which were two times too big, a hat, spectacles and of course Eyeliner for a Goatee, Moustache and Sideburns. But the best part? I got to wave a stick-thingy around. Fun times. Epic.

(Baguettes and Cheese!)

So onto my inspirational message. And this message I am dedicating to my dearest and most-loved friend, they have always been there for me, always comforted me, never let me down, have always been a shoulder to cry on, listened to my problems, they never ask too much of me and they don't care what shape or form I am. I am of course talking about my bed... I jokes but your bed is the perfect example of what your best friend should be like. They should be all the examples I gave and more. Mine are. Mine are the best I could ever want. And I try to be the best I can be for them to. Tomorrow as it's the last day of school I am going to treat my best friends the nicest I can. If you're reading this I hope you know who you are, expect good treatment cause I'll miss you all in the holidays.

So, are you guys ready?
Are you ready for the funniest picture I've ever laid eyes on?
You really ready?!

Here it is!

(This made me LOL so so hard)

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