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Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh Snap!

Today was just so much fun. I know I pretty much start off every blog like this, but this day doesn't just take the cake, it eats it whole. First off Chemistry. Playing card games for the whole period. And not cool card games like Poker, we played Snap. And this game was tense. So tense I almost cried. Of laughter, but that's not the point. It was a three-way face-off. Heather, Devon and I. Heather lost within five minutes, but me and Devon played for another 50 minutes and I eventually won. But it was very close. My number of cards went up and down like a roller coaster but I still won. The best moment was Devon forgetting how to speak English and saying "MAAMAALAALLMALAM!!!" instead of the traditional "SNAP!" Good times. I then introduced Devon to 21 (or Blackjack or whatever you want to call it) and had a few games of that. I think we drew on that one... I like Blackjack. It's fun, easy, simples and if you're a genius, can get you a bucket load of money. It's called Card-Counting. If you've ever seen the film "21" you know what it is. You basically have to estimate the probability of which cards coming up next, what cards the dealer has and if you should stick or hit. I really wanna learn how to do that.

So in memory of my past two days of dressing up I am now wearing glasses I kept from a 3D film. Not sure which. I have many of these glasses cause, well, I'm a hoarder. Jokes. I like shiny things and these are not exception. Shiny Shiny....

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