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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Introducing the brand new iRant.

This may upset a few people but I don't really like Apple that much at the moment. I'm gonna try to explain in the Blog/Rant of mine. And I don't just mean the Apple products, I mean Apple itself. So lets begin shall we?

First off I'm gonna start with a bit of Apple history, which explains why there is no Beatles music or anything related to the Beatles on iTunes. The reason is simple. Back when they were still a group, they're publishers/editors were called Apple Corp. Then along came Apple and Apple Corp. told them that they could keep there name as long as they did not go into the music business. So what did Apple do? Create iTunes of course. So then the ongoing battle between Apple Corp. and Apple began. And this baffles me to the extreme. What kind of idiot would go through with this ridiculous thought process? I imagine it to be a bit like this. "Hmmm... We've just been told that there is another company named Apple Corp. They were here before us so I guess we're kinda violating their name. We can go on but not have anything to do with Music you say? Sure that's fine. Oh I have an idea, lets invent a site where you can download music and face potential law suits. Yaaaaaaay!" Or something along those lines. Why would you do that? It just utterly bamboozles me.

Now onto their products. And don't get me wrong, I love my iPod Touch. I'd be lost without it. But I'll get onto that problem later, I wanna talk about their computers/laptops. The Apple Macs are pretty much useless when it comes to anything apart from Movie-Making and Picture Editing. They're very good at both of those, but they fail at everything else. They're only gaming system I can think of is Steam and that was only released a few weeks back. And they try to cover up all this uselessness with features on the Macs that may come in handy. But some of these are useless too. For instance the Magnetic power cord so that if someone trips over it the computer doesn't fall of the table. Okay, 1. The whole point of a laptop is that its portable and doesn't need cables and if when I do plug it in to charge, I'm not gonna leave the cable stretched across a busy hallway am I? No I'm gonna put it in my bedroom on my desk with the cable no-where near the floor. 2. I generally won't have my computer on my lap with the cable stretching across a hallway either. It would be on a desk with the cable neatly behind it so no-one can actually trip over it. If you would like to explain to me how someone managed to fit and walk behind my desk and then had enough space to trip in, be my guest. Now onto the other products, these products are good. The new iPad looks good and so do the new features on the new iPhone but what I hate about these products is that when you buy one, a better one will be coming out in about 8-12 months. If Apple had the ideas for a better iPod when they released it why didn't the hold back a while and put them in then? I recently got excited cause of the new iOS4 software for the iPod touch. There were some great features which I though would be epic on my 2nd Generation iPod Touch. I downloaded the software and booted up my old iPod. After five days of searching for these features I looked on the Internet and found out the features I wanted could only be used on a 3rd Generation iPod Touch. If someone else cares to explain how putting a picture as the background requires a new iPod Touch, I'm all ears. So heres's to you Steve Jobs. Thanks for nothing.

If you read all that I congratulate you, I've been meaning to blog about that for days.... So my grandparents are round so it's been shouting for the past 24 hours so they can hear and in about half an hour I'm going job hunting in Fortrose. Goood times. DFTBA.

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  1. Actually, the magnetic cable is a good idea :P me and mum don't have plugs near our couch so they do have to stretch and Paddys caused a near broken laptop many-a-time. :P