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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hello World. Again.

I'm back. I've been away for around 10 days but I am finally back at home. Well I actually got home yesterday but was too busy gaming to Blog. I'll blog about Crackdown 2 (The game i was playing) another day. So yeah, Oswestry Senior 2010? In three words? Fantastic, Spectacular and Uh-Mazing! It was brilliant. I met new people, made new friends, went to Alton Towers, went shopping, Bought dvd's etc. The list goes on and on and on. I loved it down there and here is my reason. The top three things in my life are: Friends, Family and my Faith. I haven't blogged about my faith much but I am a christian. And Oswestry Senior is a mix of those three things. I met new friends who were all in the same position as me and we treated each other as one big family. We were all just one big happy family. I would blog about everything but I fear that it would bore you. So Oswestry Senior? Great Success!

I was at a wedding the other day, the day when I actually came up from England so i was pretty knackered for that, but a can of Red Bull and Cups of Tea kept me going. It was my old ministers daughters wedding who we were family friends with and she was marrying someone from Inverness. What are the chances. And at the reception we were sat at tables we're the bride and groom had both been together. Me and Rhona were sat at Cambridge. I felt Special. But even more special was the fact that an old friend was at the table too. Rev John Forbes, and he is in his 20's but he looks exactly like Harry Olsen from Spider-Man. Epic.

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