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Friday, 23 July 2010

You've got a friend in me.

Before I start Blogging, I'mma dedicate this blog to Judy Stewart and her many wonderful colours, because she asked me too. I've been meaning to for a while, but I am sure I have short term memory loss so I forgot. So, yeah. To Judy.

I'm going to go see Toy Story 3 tonight. It should be well fun. But if the film is utter crap, I am going to sue Pixar and Disney for wasting the past 7 years of my life that I have waited so eagerly for this day. The young ones, they won't appreciate it as much as us simple teens, they haven't endured the wait. I also feel sorry for future generations cause they no longer have to wait for the next Harry Potter book to come out but thats another story. But yeah Toy Story 3, we're going tonight. If anyone is in the Inverness Vue Cinema at 8 o'clock, you shall see me there in my Mr Potato Head t-shirt which I am wearing in tribute to this epic film. It better be good. Other films I really wanna see are Shrek 4 (Which will hopefully live up to the first films greatness, the Second and Third ones were pretty abysmal), Inception (Which I thought looks slightly like Cloverfield but better and gives less headaches, but I have been not-very-kindly informed by my bestest bud that they're nothing alike) and Predator (Which I have no-idea about). I like cinemas. But mainly for the Popcorn, or the even better Crotchcorn which me and Devon invented, the Popcorn which didn't make it into your mouth the first time you flicked it in and you have to pick it off your body. I've spent the day doing nothing today, I was gonna make a video, but the Camcorder is out of battery and I have no clue how to charge it up. Helladank! DFTBA.

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