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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Read it. Like it. Share it?

Blogspot has a share button?! Since when? And what does it do? Oh so many questions so little time. If you actually know how to work it, then use it for what its meant to be used for. Share!
Ummm, anyways, today has been an uneventful boring day. Apart from the fact that I painted my grans fence for 7 hours. And it's still not finished. Yippy Kiyay. It started at 10 o'clock this morning and finished just past 5 o'clock. I was painting my granny's fence with this Cuprinol stuff. I don't know what it actually is, but hopefully it's not poisonous. Cause I managed to get some on my lip, and then some more in my eye. Well done me.  But yeah, i'm not sure what it does. I seemed to get more of the Cuprinol on me and the surrounding grass than I did on the fence. I actually had so much on me. I figured that if i went out in public, people would have thought I had killed a man. Or punched an Anime character in the face, because from what I've seen, Anime characters bleed waay to much. A guy shouldn't bleed out a swimming pool of blood just for being stabbed in the gut. Anyways, I did maybe half or two thirds of the fence today and I'm back to do the rest tomorrow. I got paid aswell which was a plus, the downside was as soon as i got home I had to give it to dad cause I got new earphones and an iPod case. Bummer.

Something else funny between my last blog and this blog, well it's a breakfast scenario involving both sides of my head, my sane side and my not-so-sane side. I shall write it out.

Sane: I'm hungry, whats in the bread box?
Sane: Aaaw man, Only one pancake, I can't have only one pancake, it needs to be two.
Insane: But but but but, I want pancakes.
Sane: Guess I'll just have Coco-Pops.
Insane: Go look for more pancakes! NOW!
Sane: We don't have any. I know that much.
Insane: Make some!
Sane: Whut? I don't know how to..
Insane: ... ... ... YOU DON'T HAVE NO PANCAKE MIX!!
Sane: Two camels in a tiny car. Shut up.

I should probably get myself checked out, cause that's not normal. Neither are the dreams I've been having lately. That's another story for another day. DFTBA.

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