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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Caution: This Blog contains Inspirational content. (And a funny picture.)

This blog will probably be a long one because I want to talk about my day and I want to put in an inspirational message. But the real reason I want to write a blog? So I can put the funniest picture ever in it. This made me LOL hard. I'll put it right at the very end where they normally are but I'll have one or two funnies in between.

So my day was fun. I turned from a East London girl into a French War Veteran obsessed with cheese in less than 24 hours. That's skill. Our group in LTA was Kathryn, Mercy and I. We were doing a sketch of three old men (An American, A British man and a French Man) fighting over which country in the Allies were the most important. This was hard for me as I being the French man had to come up with some things the French did in World War 2. I got zilch. So I put in that we gave them Baguettes and Cheese (Pronounced Sh-Ee-Zz) hence the obsession with cheese. Unfortunately, I once again had to dress up in the most outlandish way possible. This includes: A white shirt, A red carafe, Blue farmers trousers which were two times too big, a hat, spectacles and of course Eyeliner for a Goatee, Moustache and Sideburns. But the best part? I got to wave a stick-thingy around. Fun times. Epic.

(Baguettes and Cheese!)

So onto my inspirational message. And this message I am dedicating to my dearest and most-loved friend, they have always been there for me, always comforted me, never let me down, have always been a shoulder to cry on, listened to my problems, they never ask too much of me and they don't care what shape or form I am. I am of course talking about my bed... I jokes but your bed is the perfect example of what your best friend should be like. They should be all the examples I gave and more. Mine are. Mine are the best I could ever want. And I try to be the best I can be for them to. Tomorrow as it's the last day of school I am going to treat my best friends the nicest I can. If you're reading this I hope you know who you are, expect good treatment cause I'll miss you all in the holidays.

So, are you guys ready?
Are you ready for the funniest picture I've ever laid eyes on?
You really ready?!

Here it is!

(This made me LOL so so hard)

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