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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mr Sandman

So yesterday I mentioned dreams and I have nothing else to write about today so, dreams is my chosen subject of the day.

Dreams. I don't get them very often but when I do they're either really average, or not-so-average at all. My dreams are mostly just odd ones when they are no-so-average, like giant chickens or whatever. Luckily, I'm not cursed with nightmares. I don't know why, but I never seem to have them, unless the one with giant chickens was a nightmare. Hmm. Anyway, my friend Devon Barnett has alot of nightmares of rapists and running from axe-murderers and the likes but I never seem to get them. MY two latest dreams that I can remember have been rather odd, and by odd, I mean odd. I thankfully didn't have one last night but the night before my dream was that I was sitting in a long banquet hall like in Hogwarts and I was at a table. Also at the table were a few unknown people and famous Youtuber, Alex Day. For some reason in my dream I didn't know it was him and I called him James. Now, James said something about "Space, Time and Ewoks". And these words, somehow, reminded me of Alex Day and I shouted "ALEX DAY!" at James who then looked really confused and insulted me. I was sad for the rest of the dream. And the night before that I dreamt I was part of the police force, chasing a guy who stole some lasagna and we were all on Penny Farthings. Strange. But my favourite dream of all time was when I dreamt I had a pet kitten named Ted. When I woke up from that dream, lets just say I was sad for a few hours because Ted wasn't real.

Now there are some people who probably thing that what you dream about actually means something. This is actually utter crap. It may offend some people what I just said, but it's true. I'll copy a thing out for you so you know what I mean. This is supposedly what an Acacia Tree means if it's in your dream. 

To see an acacia tree in your dream, symbolizes
 your attitudes with death and
your sense of mortality.

Nonsense. That's what that is. The reason we need sleep is to recharge our body, physically and mentally. Mentally because if we didn't we'd probably go insane because what sleep does is wind up all the mess that happened in that day, and tidy it up. Compact it into something else. And dreams are basically that. It's memories or bits of things that you've either seen or done that day or through-out the week. I dreamt about Penny Farthings because I'd been thinking about them for some reason. In this case, because I heard a funny joke involving a Penny Farthing. Case closed.

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