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Monday, 30 August 2010

Hurr Durr?

I proper feel like I am gonna die. I got a cold on Saturday and it's already killing me... Sore throat, a constant sneezing, coughing like a certain Pokémon with the same sounding name, the works! But you don't want to here about my crappy illnesses which cause my major distress... Do you? Hope you don't.

You know who annoy me? Stupid people. And not people like me or my friends who act kinda clumsy and silly. People with an IQ legible of a hamster. You know the people. The kind that think its safe to blow TNT up whilst stand a metre away from it. These the people who get on my nerves. But it doesn't annoy me as much as some people. There are two groups who annoy me more: Your preppy American spoilt kid that's always on "Sweet 16" or whatever that show's called, and then the people who are stupid but are arrogant and think that they're right even though they're clearly wrong. I'll talk about American brats though, because I'm too tired to write a lot. In the occasion that I'm at someones house and someone changes the T.V channel to TMF or Viva, whatever it is now, Sweet 16 is always on. And I immediately know that somewhere during this programme daddies little boy or girl is gonna break into tears because they got a Ferrari instead of a Lamborghini. I mean, I watched a show and a guy got annoyed because the barber cut his hair too short even though she gave him what he asked for. And he was worried that people will notice and he'll be a laughing stock. Seriously? You're throwing a Two Million pound party with tonnes of people excited to be there, and you think someone is gonna risk going to that party by laughing at your hair? Man up.. If it was a girl it'd be bad enough, but come on dude. So daddy got you the wrong type of Rolex? You're rolling in about what some people don't even have. So stop your crying, or I'll go over there and go all Chuck Norris on your rich butt. Assuming this cold doesn't kill me first...

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Insert Witty Title Concerning Blog Here..

Wow, well, Today. Today was a baaad day. Nothing actually went properly wrong, but it was just a day where I knew I hated everything and anything that went the slightest bit quirky from breakfast... And trust me, I get a lot of bad days.. I can't remember my last good day. I do cheer up at the end of a bad day though. Something minor will cheer my up, usually something clever I found on the Internet. But anyway, Today sucked for me. All the little mockings, or things that went wrong in school kinda piled together into one enormous monster of annoyance. This wasn;t helped by the fact that Mrs Gilliland brought in a Baritone Saxophone to take home. This Baritone weighed maybe, two tonnes, and the case weighed another two tonnes (Slight exaggeration but you get the picture). Then I found out Mum was in town so I had to drag four tonnes of metal and plastic home. I wasn't even that keen to be playing this muckle big thing, until I actually got home and realised how mental this thing is and how much I love it....

So I was having a really really bad day, though most my friends and especially Devon Barnett will say I always have bad days, which is partly true. But anyway' this day was major suckage UNTIL probably the most epic tv talen contest thing ever came on T.V... "The Great British Bake-Off".  Don't judge, but I love my baking. I don't like to bake. But I like to eat baking.. And this weeks episode was on Biscuits... I proper love my biscuits. Especially Café Noir made by McVities. They're so delicious. Anyway, this show cheered me up immensly.. Just another thing achieved through the power of Biscuit...

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Gamer Heaven..

I haven't done a blog in ages. So here I am, inside on a sunny day at my computer typing one out. And I can tell you what, Higher Classes are hard.. I mean Maths is getting fairly confuzzling. Differentation, y-b=m(x-a) and other stuff... My brain can't take it, especially with what I am about to write about next, Gaming,

So for the next three months I am going to be fairly out of cash as so many games are coming out that I want. On the 17th of September Halo: Reach is coming out,,and on the 29th of October Fable III is coming out (UBER-EXCITED) and finally on the 19th of November is Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Oh my word. I cannot wait. I am so so so so so hyped. Fable III looks Uh-Mazing! I've seen so many trailers and interviews, read so many articles, and I really really want it. If Bethesda releases The Elder-Scrolls V, I may blow up out of happiness. And even better, this past few weeks a few brilliant Xbox live games have been released, the ones I have gotten are Monday Night Combat, Epic Game for Multiplayer, and LIMBO, a game all about puzzles and mind-games... So good. I realise this isn't a very interesting blog, but I really wanted to blog about this. So this is all of it really. Hasta la Vista. DFTBA.

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Shiny thingie...

I don't think I should own a brain. I mean, some of the stuff I come out with when I think. Sometimes it'll be wonderful musical compositions or inventions that could change the world.. But mostly it's stuff like "Why is it acceptable to wear Swimwear in public, but not underwear?".. I'm not joking. I actually thought about that for maybe 5-10 minutes before realising what I was doing. I am one strange little boy.

Ooooh, I got a shiny new toy. My camera came. I have been using it a bit, but the only problem is I can't think of any Inventive usernames for Youtube. When it comes to usernames I'm normally very un-creative, if that's a word. Like "Andrew94", though normally they're a lot better than that. By the way, I don't have a username called "Andrew94" so don't try hacking anything of mine. Anyway, new toy thingie. My camera is fairly awesome if I can say so myself. It's slim, good video quality and can do 1080P High Definition. I love this thing! It's so glossy and shiny. Did I say it's shiny too? Dad's just had a little play with it and I think he's impressed. It's just too cool. Youtube, here I come.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Time Is Upon Us.

Yes people, it's almost time. Time for School. Once again, children all over Scotland are being filled with the dread of homework, revision and school stereotyping. But you know what? I miss school. During the entire holiday I have had very little chances to see my friends. Now I think about it, I don't think I actually did meet up with any of them. This makes me sad. I like my friends. They're like another family to me. We all have our differences and similarities, and yes, everyone now and then an arguement breaks out. But we make up. I'm not one to hold grudges, much. Even though Kathryn and I had an arguement over if a Muffin was a cake for about four or five months (I won. It's a type of sweet bread.) I generally won't have a grudge about someone or something for very long. I may however make a big deal out of things, e.g. I once shunned my nickname "Panda" because I thought now enough people knew my actual name. But anyway, the best part is my friends know all my little faults, and even my major defects but they see past them. Just as anyone should. This brings me to another topic. I think I'll keep that though till next week.

(Yes, I know. It's not a funny picture. Get over it.)

Today was a rather marvellous day. Kinda. After the whole daily routine of Wake Up, Eat, Watch Tv, Shower, I played around on the computer. Around 1 o'clock Dad decided I was too lazy and announced me and him were off for a cycle whilst Mum and Rhona were at a wedding of some sorts. It wasn't so bad, I got a cupcake from the Malawi stall at the St Boniface fair which was tasty and waved at Amy Mcllhenny at her gate. We went up by Killen and a bit further before heading back. When we got home I was fairly sweating so I had a nice Irn-Bru and changed clothes before Catriona and Janice Stewart (My Cousin and Auntie) showed up. I like having them over. They're really nice and funny. I also learned that Catriona is a nerd like me so Catriona, Flora (Catriona's friend) and I watched a wee bittie of Star Trek together. Fun times. Not much happened today after that. So here I am writing my blog and listening to Paolo Nutini. Here. Now. At 10:10pm on August 12th of 2010.. DFTBA.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

They see me trollin'

Eugh, I need to stop writing blogs so late. Or get addicted to coffee.. Either or. My mind seems to go into a creative meltdown at night, so I seem to get most of my wacky ideas/compositions/blogs when the moon be shining. I'm like a Were-Nerd...

I decided what my parents should get me for doing well in exams. A flip camera. So I can do vLogs, Shay Carl style. The wonderful camera that I want is the Toshiba Camileo S20, very sleek, 1080p and with some other cool features. I'm thinking of calling my channel "Saywhut?" and I may do reviews and stuff, but mainly funny vLogs. Here's hoping. If any animators are reading this, I'll be overly-joyed if you could make an intro for me.. Now, with Youtube videos, as well as everything else on the Internet. There are gonna be haters. Trolls as they're sometimes called. And these people, they're pretty much the most hated people on the Internet. These are the people who comment on Videos saying insults and general words which they think are funny and insulting but really are just dumb and stupid. And these trolls are either one of two types of people:
  • Ten year old kids who have sneaked onto their mums computer and think they're so cool.
  • Twenty Five year old men, who are fat, live in their mums basement and drink energy drinks all day and night.
And you know what the easiest way to beat them is? Ignore them. Answering back or trying to troll back is just like giving an enemy army a nuclear bomb. Plain and simples.

Okay, speech over. Lets go down to business. We all know what that business is. Yeah. Caffeine. I need a cuppa tea and chocolate biccies. DFTBA.

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Level 5 Fishing, Level 100 Nerd.

So here I am, it's been just over a week since my last blog so I thought that I would do one right now. Times have been good since my last blog. Stressful, but good none the less. Monday brought the tidings of a new week filled with worries and excitement due to the upcoming day of Exam Results, Tuesday gave hard work has the chores of Gardening kicked in and Wednesday brought the pressure as everyone bar me was getting their results via email and/or text. Thursday is where everything begins to kick into action. I woke up at around 6.40, realised what day it was and I was awake in an instant. I then realised the time, and promptly fell back to sleep. I properly woke up around 8 and had breakfast and showered etc etc. The Postie was due to come around between 9-11 cause that's when he is normally here. Those two hours were definitely the most tense of my life. Anytime I heard the doorbell ring or footsteps outside the door. Very nerve-wracking. But I got what I wanted and I did better than I ever expected in English.

Then Friday was definitely a good night. Eight Oswestry Senior's met up at Tesco's and whilst four of us bought all the food we needed, the rest decided to leave us and set off to Dores. We met up with them at Dores inn and went off to our camping spot. We started off Skimming stones and just generally throwing rocks into Loch Ness and then after that we set up the tent and collected fire wood for our bonfire. Then we had a barbecue until 10 o'clock at night, and eventually got into the tent at 12.30 when the rain started to pour. Mash started talking about his deep thoughts and his rating scale for ladies. We pretty much stayed up till 5.30. I woke up at 8. Yay me... Only two and a half hours sleep and a wedding reception. Not-so-fun times..

I've recently started played Runescape again. Oh, it has changed from the times when i was addicted to it, the times of good ol' "Sir_Fordifer" which was my characters name, Cool eh? It's graphically better and all that, and I think I feel the old addiction starting up again. Not so good. This addiction made me slightly behind on my homework a few times. And I was never even very good at it... Helladank! DFTBA.

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