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Monday, 16 August 2010

Shiny thingie...

I don't think I should own a brain. I mean, some of the stuff I come out with when I think. Sometimes it'll be wonderful musical compositions or inventions that could change the world.. But mostly it's stuff like "Why is it acceptable to wear Swimwear in public, but not underwear?".. I'm not joking. I actually thought about that for maybe 5-10 minutes before realising what I was doing. I am one strange little boy.

Ooooh, I got a shiny new toy. My camera came. I have been using it a bit, but the only problem is I can't think of any Inventive usernames for Youtube. When it comes to usernames I'm normally very un-creative, if that's a word. Like "Andrew94", though normally they're a lot better than that. By the way, I don't have a username called "Andrew94" so don't try hacking anything of mine. Anyway, new toy thingie. My camera is fairly awesome if I can say so myself. It's slim, good video quality and can do 1080P High Definition. I love this thing! It's so glossy and shiny. Did I say it's shiny too? Dad's just had a little play with it and I think he's impressed. It's just too cool. Youtube, here I come.

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