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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

They see me trollin'

Eugh, I need to stop writing blogs so late. Or get addicted to coffee.. Either or. My mind seems to go into a creative meltdown at night, so I seem to get most of my wacky ideas/compositions/blogs when the moon be shining. I'm like a Were-Nerd...

I decided what my parents should get me for doing well in exams. A flip camera. So I can do vLogs, Shay Carl style. The wonderful camera that I want is the Toshiba Camileo S20, very sleek, 1080p and with some other cool features. I'm thinking of calling my channel "Saywhut?" and I may do reviews and stuff, but mainly funny vLogs. Here's hoping. If any animators are reading this, I'll be overly-joyed if you could make an intro for me.. Now, with Youtube videos, as well as everything else on the Internet. There are gonna be haters. Trolls as they're sometimes called. And these people, they're pretty much the most hated people on the Internet. These are the people who comment on Videos saying insults and general words which they think are funny and insulting but really are just dumb and stupid. And these trolls are either one of two types of people:
  • Ten year old kids who have sneaked onto their mums computer and think they're so cool.
  • Twenty Five year old men, who are fat, live in their mums basement and drink energy drinks all day and night.
And you know what the easiest way to beat them is? Ignore them. Answering back or trying to troll back is just like giving an enemy army a nuclear bomb. Plain and simples.

Okay, speech over. Lets go down to business. We all know what that business is. Yeah. Caffeine. I need a cuppa tea and chocolate biccies. DFTBA.

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