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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Level 5 Fishing, Level 100 Nerd.

So here I am, it's been just over a week since my last blog so I thought that I would do one right now. Times have been good since my last blog. Stressful, but good none the less. Monday brought the tidings of a new week filled with worries and excitement due to the upcoming day of Exam Results, Tuesday gave hard work has the chores of Gardening kicked in and Wednesday brought the pressure as everyone bar me was getting their results via email and/or text. Thursday is where everything begins to kick into action. I woke up at around 6.40, realised what day it was and I was awake in an instant. I then realised the time, and promptly fell back to sleep. I properly woke up around 8 and had breakfast and showered etc etc. The Postie was due to come around between 9-11 cause that's when he is normally here. Those two hours were definitely the most tense of my life. Anytime I heard the doorbell ring or footsteps outside the door. Very nerve-wracking. But I got what I wanted and I did better than I ever expected in English.

Then Friday was definitely a good night. Eight Oswestry Senior's met up at Tesco's and whilst four of us bought all the food we needed, the rest decided to leave us and set off to Dores. We met up with them at Dores inn and went off to our camping spot. We started off Skimming stones and just generally throwing rocks into Loch Ness and then after that we set up the tent and collected fire wood for our bonfire. Then we had a barbecue until 10 o'clock at night, and eventually got into the tent at 12.30 when the rain started to pour. Mash started talking about his deep thoughts and his rating scale for ladies. We pretty much stayed up till 5.30. I woke up at 8. Yay me... Only two and a half hours sleep and a wedding reception. Not-so-fun times..

I've recently started played Runescape again. Oh, it has changed from the times when i was addicted to it, the times of good ol' "Sir_Fordifer" which was my characters name, Cool eh? It's graphically better and all that, and I think I feel the old addiction starting up again. Not so good. This addiction made me slightly behind on my homework a few times. And I was never even very good at it... Helladank! DFTBA.

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