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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Insert Witty Title Concerning Blog Here..

Wow, well, Today. Today was a baaad day. Nothing actually went properly wrong, but it was just a day where I knew I hated everything and anything that went the slightest bit quirky from breakfast... And trust me, I get a lot of bad days.. I can't remember my last good day. I do cheer up at the end of a bad day though. Something minor will cheer my up, usually something clever I found on the Internet. But anyway, Today sucked for me. All the little mockings, or things that went wrong in school kinda piled together into one enormous monster of annoyance. This wasn;t helped by the fact that Mrs Gilliland brought in a Baritone Saxophone to take home. This Baritone weighed maybe, two tonnes, and the case weighed another two tonnes (Slight exaggeration but you get the picture). Then I found out Mum was in town so I had to drag four tonnes of metal and plastic home. I wasn't even that keen to be playing this muckle big thing, until I actually got home and realised how mental this thing is and how much I love it....

So I was having a really really bad day, though most my friends and especially Devon Barnett will say I always have bad days, which is partly true. But anyway' this day was major suckage UNTIL probably the most epic tv talen contest thing ever came on T.V... "The Great British Bake-Off".  Don't judge, but I love my baking. I don't like to bake. But I like to eat baking.. And this weeks episode was on Biscuits... I proper love my biscuits. Especially Café Noir made by McVities. They're so delicious. Anyway, this show cheered me up immensly.. Just another thing achieved through the power of Biscuit...

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