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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Gamer Heaven..

I haven't done a blog in ages. So here I am, inside on a sunny day at my computer typing one out. And I can tell you what, Higher Classes are hard.. I mean Maths is getting fairly confuzzling. Differentation, y-b=m(x-a) and other stuff... My brain can't take it, especially with what I am about to write about next, Gaming,

So for the next three months I am going to be fairly out of cash as so many games are coming out that I want. On the 17th of September Halo: Reach is coming out,,and on the 29th of October Fable III is coming out (UBER-EXCITED) and finally on the 19th of November is Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Oh my word. I cannot wait. I am so so so so so hyped. Fable III looks Uh-Mazing! I've seen so many trailers and interviews, read so many articles, and I really really want it. If Bethesda releases The Elder-Scrolls V, I may blow up out of happiness. And even better, this past few weeks a few brilliant Xbox live games have been released, the ones I have gotten are Monday Night Combat, Epic Game for Multiplayer, and LIMBO, a game all about puzzles and mind-games... So good. I realise this isn't a very interesting blog, but I really wanted to blog about this. So this is all of it really. Hasta la Vista. DFTBA.

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