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Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Time Is Upon Us.

Yes people, it's almost time. Time for School. Once again, children all over Scotland are being filled with the dread of homework, revision and school stereotyping. But you know what? I miss school. During the entire holiday I have had very little chances to see my friends. Now I think about it, I don't think I actually did meet up with any of them. This makes me sad. I like my friends. They're like another family to me. We all have our differences and similarities, and yes, everyone now and then an arguement breaks out. But we make up. I'm not one to hold grudges, much. Even though Kathryn and I had an arguement over if a Muffin was a cake for about four or five months (I won. It's a type of sweet bread.) I generally won't have a grudge about someone or something for very long. I may however make a big deal out of things, e.g. I once shunned my nickname "Panda" because I thought now enough people knew my actual name. But anyway, the best part is my friends know all my little faults, and even my major defects but they see past them. Just as anyone should. This brings me to another topic. I think I'll keep that though till next week.

(Yes, I know. It's not a funny picture. Get over it.)

Today was a rather marvellous day. Kinda. After the whole daily routine of Wake Up, Eat, Watch Tv, Shower, I played around on the computer. Around 1 o'clock Dad decided I was too lazy and announced me and him were off for a cycle whilst Mum and Rhona were at a wedding of some sorts. It wasn't so bad, I got a cupcake from the Malawi stall at the St Boniface fair which was tasty and waved at Amy Mcllhenny at her gate. We went up by Killen and a bit further before heading back. When we got home I was fairly sweating so I had a nice Irn-Bru and changed clothes before Catriona and Janice Stewart (My Cousin and Auntie) showed up. I like having them over. They're really nice and funny. I also learned that Catriona is a nerd like me so Catriona, Flora (Catriona's friend) and I watched a wee bittie of Star Trek together. Fun times. Not much happened today after that. So here I am writing my blog and listening to Paolo Nutini. Here. Now. At 10:10pm on August 12th of 2010.. DFTBA.

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