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Monday, 30 August 2010

Hurr Durr?

I proper feel like I am gonna die. I got a cold on Saturday and it's already killing me... Sore throat, a constant sneezing, coughing like a certain Pokémon with the same sounding name, the works! But you don't want to here about my crappy illnesses which cause my major distress... Do you? Hope you don't.

You know who annoy me? Stupid people. And not people like me or my friends who act kinda clumsy and silly. People with an IQ legible of a hamster. You know the people. The kind that think its safe to blow TNT up whilst stand a metre away from it. These the people who get on my nerves. But it doesn't annoy me as much as some people. There are two groups who annoy me more: Your preppy American spoilt kid that's always on "Sweet 16" or whatever that show's called, and then the people who are stupid but are arrogant and think that they're right even though they're clearly wrong. I'll talk about American brats though, because I'm too tired to write a lot. In the occasion that I'm at someones house and someone changes the T.V channel to TMF or Viva, whatever it is now, Sweet 16 is always on. And I immediately know that somewhere during this programme daddies little boy or girl is gonna break into tears because they got a Ferrari instead of a Lamborghini. I mean, I watched a show and a guy got annoyed because the barber cut his hair too short even though she gave him what he asked for. And he was worried that people will notice and he'll be a laughing stock. Seriously? You're throwing a Two Million pound party with tonnes of people excited to be there, and you think someone is gonna risk going to that party by laughing at your hair? Man up.. If it was a girl it'd be bad enough, but come on dude. So daddy got you the wrong type of Rolex? You're rolling in about what some people don't even have. So stop your crying, or I'll go over there and go all Chuck Norris on your rich butt. Assuming this cold doesn't kill me first...

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  1. ah Mr Berry you do amuse me greatly xXx