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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Zombie Doom?

Well, today was fun. School dragged on for hours. The classes did anyway, lunch was fun, and so was break. Me and Devon realised I could do a pretty good gay, German accent, which we then realised was Brüno. I've never seen Brüno, don't think I want too either. Anyway, also at lunch Kathryn, Heather and I started talking about the possibility of a Zombie outbreak and which of us would survive (This started cause I saw someone scream and throw something to the ground. Don't ask), I apparently would be like Columbus out of the film "Zombieland". I think this is awesome. For those who aren't aware, Columbus is a nerd who is scared of clowns and has rules for Zombie Survival e.g. Rule 2: Double Tap. I figure this is a lot like me, I'm a nerd, I am rather creeped out by clowns and I do have to have a plan or rules for everything. Plus I figure that Bob has taught me enough about Zombie survival. Now I think about it, Bob would be Robert Neville from "I am Legend", militaristic, a passion for his dog and good survival skills. This is just me though. We all agreed Heather would be dead by then. Purely cause she's too nice. Kathryn ofcourse would be some hardcore person with a double barreled shotgun on a porch of a wood cabin shooting every Zombie in sight....

All this got me thinking, if there was a Zombie Apocalypse (Which is getting increasingly likely with Human Genetics studies getting more popular) what would I do? I thought about this on the way home and I decided to make a list.
  • Weaponry? I would most likely have a pistol and definitely a shotgun for close range Zombies. For Zombies approaching from far away, I would have a Sniper Rifle.. And purely for aesthetic taste, I'd have some sort of Sword. Mostly likely a Katana.
  • Vehicle? That's a toughie. It would either be a Tank which though slow is pretty much impenetrable. It would be that or some big Truck like Tallahassee's from "Zombieland". Something well armoured.
  • Base? Either a Swiss Chalet or Buckingham palace. The Chalet would be rather remote so there would be a lack of Zombies, but wheres the fun in that. Buckingham Palace would be good but the only trouble is too much open space in it so covering all areas would be difficult.
  • Partner? Depending on whether if I can choose a Fictional Character or not, I have two choices. If Fictional was possible I would choose Gordan Freeman from the popular game series Half-Life. He's a Hard-core PhD Physicist would can take down a Zombie and even an entire alien race with a Crowbar. But unfortunately he's not real, so I would have to pick someone else. I would probably pick Bob. Though clumsy and idiotic at times, he's a good laugh so things would never be without entertainment but he's also good at scavenging things together to make a make-shift hut.
  • Any extras? Probably just a book actually, well several. The entire works of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Depending on how long the Outbreak went on for I would definitely get bored in the end so to keep me sane I would take this.
So that's it. I realise that this is a lot to read and it's probably boring. But as Columbus would say "Rule 32: Enjoy the little things". DFTBA.

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