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Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday Morning Symptoms.

Wow, here's a tip about Chemistry lessons. If your doing an experiment where Ammonia gas is created, don't stick your nose in the beaker and take a really big sniff.... But on the plus side, my runny nose has gone..

So I was re-looking at my last blog and I realised I mention some Zombie rules.. So I though, "Hey, I should make up my own rules.. It'll take me a week or so to make up enough and maybe if I can be bothered I may turn them into a Youtube video... Today was alright. I generally hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And every day bar Wednesday mornings and some Thursdays. But yeah, today was alright. Apart from the Chemistry incident nothing went too wrong. I got a good result from the Physics test which I thought was an absolute fail so it's all good.. I just finished watching the second last episode of the latest series of Doctor Who and it makes me so happy. Doctor Who is an epic show and Matt Smith is one of the better Doctor's there have been. Him and David Tennant are right up in my list of favourite actors. I kinda needed a boost of happiness to balance out the fact that I remembered how "Of Mice and Men" ended... Such a sad book. Anyway, this is boring. I have nothing to talk about today. Sad Face. DFTBA.

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  1. I've sniffed Ammonia too... I couldn't smell a curry which my mates could even three days after the incident D: