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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Drama Queen. Literally.

Today was Fun. Like really fun. Fun Fun Fun. Drama was a right blast. Georgia and Kathryn had a right random sesh with their camera's though. I R Good Photographer! I liked acting. I was the girl.... I was called Mandy. I've never felt prettier in my life with my Orange Pillow Case with red tie belt and Purple Bow.... I was from East London.. Or should I say "Laandon!" Anyways, It was good fun. My whole dressing up didn't help with the whole I'm-not-gay thing though. Neither did my Tea Flask or the fact that I was doing in drama... But I don't care. Cause I'm not gay, I like tea and Drama and I like the colours orange and purple..........

(Don't tell me you didn't go "Baaaawwww")

I also had fun tonight, I was in Tain at an outside concert playing with the Ross-Shire Concert Band. I kinda mucked up a bit but it was really fun. And cold. And windy. And was about to rain. But fun times today. DFTBA.

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