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Monday, 7 June 2010

Chargin' mah laser!

Shoop de whoop! Only some weirdos like moi will get the title. Lets hope some do.
Dammit. Why is it everytime I go to write this I forget what I was gonna write?! Ooooh. I just found a new key on my keyboard... ¬ ¬ ¬... Sorry. ADD and all....
I've been playing Skate 3 recently and I started having a "What if" moment. I have these a lot. Where I begin to wonder what would have happened if I did something differently. And there's a lot of things I regret doing/not doing. Like I regret not learning to play the cello, and I know I can begin to know but it's a bit too late if you ask me. But this particular moment was about Skateboarding. I had no sense of balance when I was younger, a trait I still have, I mean I couldn't stand up on some rollerblades until I was around 9/10-ish. And I couldn't even push a skateboard without falling off (just so everyone knows, I had a Pokemon skateboard. I know. I'm too cool.) But I occasionally did tie it to my scooter and drag people along on the Skateboard. But now I wish I had done more. I was interested, but I didn't have the willpower because, well, my attention span was even shorter than it is now. But I'm thinking I may take it up now. I'd love to see the world in a different way. Like seeing a railing as a place to jump over, rather than it just being a railing. That would be fun.... I also have had a stroke of brilliance to add to a video idea of mine. With a little help of Freddie Wong I now have something cool which I might try to add to a video... Now all I need is a NERF gun, actors and some good effects software.

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