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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun,

I find it kinda weird now that my exams are over. I have nothing to do. I can't remember before my exams started. Now I think about it I guess I just played Video Games. Speaking of which. E3, one of the biggest game events of the year is over. And Microsoft has revealed it's secret weapon. They talked about Kinect (Previously named Natal) and it's features and showed one of the new games called Kinectimals. Cutest. Game. Evar! But no, Kinect wasn't the best thing there. It was just a cover-up, a pretty awesome cover-up, but a cover-up none the less. What really blew my mind? The new Xbox 360. I have no-dea how Microsoft kept it secret for so long, but there is a new one. And it's releasing in America this week. It looks amazing. And has even better features. It's smaller, quieter, has a whopping 250GB of storage and built in WiFi. The WiFi in it is apparently the best there is out there at the moment so Microsoft have kinda blown my mind. I want this as soon as it comes out in Britain. I mean, this looks fantastic.

Today, I was thoroughly entertained in school. First of all was a Highland Youth Big Band show in the Theatre which was amazing and i am now really looking forward to playing in it. Then we went to Millburn for a talk on NASA and Astronauts from an actual Astronaut.  Well cool. Space is now possibly one of my future careers...

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