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Friday, 11 June 2010

Haters gonna hate.

So earlier today I was getting rather frustrated with my mother. I'm not anymore though. The reason for my frustration was my mothers constant nagging over the past however many months, and secondly cause my Piano Lesson started at 4.30 yet my mother still insisted we go to Tesco. We left Tesco and 4.30 and got stuck in Rush Hour. I have an OCD about being late so that didn't really help. But I didn't hate my mum. However many times you say you hate someone, do you actually hate them, or are you just annoyed at them. The word Hate is thrown around to much. We don't dislike them so much we wish them death and damnation upon their souls, well, maybe in some exceptional cases we do. But I think people say it too often and it's true meaning has been lost. The same with Love. We say we "Love" something everyday but we don't actually love it, we like it a lot, but we wouldn't marry it. Unless said thing is a person then Love is something else. But this kind of "Love" is mistranslated as well, people with Crushes will say "I love *insert name here*" but they don't they have a crush on them/find them physically attractive. True love is saying to your partner and saying you want to be with them forever and after. So if you do "Love" someone, make sure it's the real kind of love.

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