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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Eggandreggew Beggerry.

The title is of course my name in Egg language. Egg language is where you place the word "egg" before a vowel. And that is what today's blog is gonna be about. Languages. Love or hate them, we all have one. And I like languages. What I don't like is being taught them in school. Yes, I may be able to say "J'ai une chat" in French but when will I ever have to say that in an everyday sentence. Think of what it'd sound like if we did that in English... "So, you got any pets?" "Yes I have a cat and two dogs. They are called Sally, Bessy and George. I also have a sister. She has brown curly hair." To my understanding, what we learn in these classes will not help us in everyday conversations. I want to be able to converse with other people. Not stop every new sentence to think of another phrase. I would like to be able to piece my sentences together bit by bit. Anyway, so I like languages. I especially like Latin. I think it's one of the original, older languages. People who have learnt it seem to get the respect, "You know Latin? Woooah!" It's also good for understanding science words i.e Ornithorhynchus Anatinus or in Laymans terms your average Platypus. (Side Note, I love Platypuses. Very intriguing animals. One of the five mammals to lay eggs, one of the few poisonous mammals and has the best sense ever, Electrolocation. Wikipedia it.) Other languages I've learnt is Pig Latin, where you take the begin letter of a word, put it at the back and add "Ay" to the end. E.g Pig Latin becomes Igpay Atinlay. I also enjoy the language you share with friends, not just the general Shouts and Grunts that you expect them to understand which in my case they do, but the body language too. For example, they will be able to tell that you're sad without even speaking and then they'll cheer you up without even saying a word. Friends, the best anti-depressants in the world.

So languages, I love them. But not being taught them. That's too annoying for me. Those who looked at my page from 10 o'clock last night till a few hours ago will have realised I changed my template. I changed it back. I didn't like it. But hopefully Devon Barnett (devonisonfirestill.blogspot.com) will help me with an HTML soon... Whatever that means.

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  1. Salve, quid agis?
    i speak Latin.

  2. bene, sed maxime defessa sunt, et tu?

  3. I'm kinda understanding what your saying... I should revise my Latin more.

  4. maybe you should do higher. Ovid's metamorphoses is quite the read!