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Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Six Word Paradox.

My English Short-Story is finished. Done and dusted. Until I have to redo it. And that's probably most likely gonna happen. I like writing. That's why I hated English last year, too much analysing and stuff. But now it's a lot better because we get to write more. And I like to write... But one thing that annoyed me about this was the word length. 1,300 words? Serious?! And to make it worse, I did 1,306 words. I stand defiant I need everyone but no doubt my teacher will make me get rid of them. But hopefully that's cause this was just a short-story. I'm not sure what else we have to write about. Hopefully Poems. But not weird poems... Or Haiku's. Haiku's are weird. As much as they are cool, some can be rather pointless... Like this one.

But it's Japanese so I guess some of them are gonna be a bit wacky.... Today was fun. Kinda. Double period of maths which was okay. But tomorrow I have a double period of Study cause Mrs Gilliland isn't in. Ugh! And to make it worse, I won't have Devon or Kathryn to entertain me. I'm actually gonna have to do work! Oh well. I might compose a song that's been brewing in my head for the past few months. Don't really have much else to write other than that it looks like good weather ahead. Oh and on Saturday I may be in a Podcast by Cerberus Films. Keep an eye out, I may be a regular soon enough.......

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