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Friday, 4 June 2010

Cheese Balls!!

I was gonna do a continued rant on the unfairness religious people get. But I'll do that tomorrow. Far more things to talk about.... Like Skate3! ZOMG!!!!! UH-MAZING! I actually love it. So much fun, but when there is a challenge I cannot do I kinda get very frustrated. But as soon as you do it you feel better. I tried for maybe half an hour just to get an achievement for doing a "Miracle Whip" which is basically doing a "Superdude" whilst doing a Frontflip.. I could do the Superdude. But frontflips are hard. Like insanely. Luckily I subscribe to a Youtube Channel named Rooster Teeth. These guys do almost daily videos on games and achievements and they're currently doing some on Skate 3 as well as Red Dead Redemption and Split/Second. They're also responsible for the almighty Red Vs Blue web-comic. I suggest you check 'em out. Just a side note, in Skate3 there is a guy called Coach Frank. It took me a day and one Wikipedia page to find out who it is. It's Jason Lee! A.K.A Earl from "My name is Earl", Syndrome from "The Incredibles" and Dave from "Alvin and the Chipmunks". Legend.

What else can I blog about? Hmmm. Oh yeah. My four year run of having Mrs Fenn for maths has ended. I now have Mr Wight. Mrs Fenn is a good teacher. Really nice. And finally, if anyone reading this is going to have Dinner in Inverness, I suggest a place called "The Filling Station". It's near Falcon Square. Fantastic pizza...

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