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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

News flash!

Howdy hey.... Um... I was gonna blog about something but I can't remember now. Soooo.... This is just gonna be a load of trash... Ummm... Nothings really happened much. Except today was one of the most brilliant/funnest/entertaining/stupidest English lessons evar!! What happened was because me and Devon had been there last week and knew all the stuff she was going over, we were sent to recycle her paper. This is the list of what happened; Had fun walking around like a pregnant women on the way to recycling bin, couldn't find the bin, asked John the Jannie, found the bin, realised we needed a plastic bag for the paper, went to reception for bag, sent to Janitors room to get bag, no-one there, went to annoy WUM, sent away from WUM, complained about plastic bag, got given a plastic bag by the the photocopier lady, went back to bin, attempted to empty paper into the bag, failed, dropped paper box into bag, spent 5 minutes chasing run-away paper, put bag in bin, ran away. Aaaaaaaaaaah good times...

So that's the highlight of my day really.... I cannot wait for Crackdown 2, I've been playing the demo. Zohmygoodness. That looks amazing. Like properly. Like UH-MAZINGLY good. Anyways, so does Assassins Creed Brotherhood, that looks cool. And I cannot wait for the third installment of the Assassins Creed series. I think it'll be Greece next....

That's it really. I'm quite bored. I miss the rest of the group in school. It really is boring without them........

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