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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cereal Killer.

Well... It's only half way through the day and I now know that I should go to sleep earlier. I got up at 9.45, went down to the Kitchen, put my cereal in the bowl, poured milk into it, got my eating utensils and sat down to watch TV... At this point, Mum notices my fatal error. I had got myself a knife and fork, not a spoon. Now I'm not sure any of you know how hard it is to eat Coco Pops with a knife and fork, but I can tell you that it is very difficult. I then went up to play Halo 3 online but it seems so... so... much worse than what it used to be before I played Reach. I mean I kept hitting the wrong buttons, the weapons seems wrong, and worse I was Lagging because of a Power-Cut we just had. So of course instead of blaming myself for my useless-ness, I blamed: The Controller, The Wifi, The enemy team, My team, America, My Coco-Pops, Microsoft, My Xbox and pretty much everything but myself. As any gamer would.

(This'll be me when I'm older)

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