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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Dolce and Banana.

I couldn't think of a blog name. So I searched the Internet. Last time I'll be doing that in a while.....
Today was quite good fun. We went to "Tree Zone" which is an aerial assault course near Aviemore.. So much fun. They have a 150m, maybe longer, zip wire at the end. That was really quite fun.... But I was really disappointed cause we went to a place for lunch that we've been to before and when we went there before it had the BEST French Toast EVAR!!! But apparently that was just a Sunday Brunch thing. Oh and apparently the longest zip wire ever is in Johannesburg is South Africa. It's, *searches google for length*, 2 Km long and goes at a whopping average speed of 120 km/h.... Want want want want want! Seriously. Want.

Oh, I also found a website called funlol.com. Compared to funnyjunk.com, it's a lot better. Funnyjunk as now changed from actual funny pictures to people ranting about there being no funny pictures, comics which aren't funny and some crap about a guy called Dsend.... I'll post two funny pictures I found on Funlol. I LOL'd at them. And I actually LOL'd, I didn't just think they're funny and not laugh. I ROLFMAO'd at them...

(Ignore the bit at the top, Click on it to get full picture.)

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