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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Family Fun Times.

I love my family. They're fantastic. Today was a family meet for my cousins 21st birthday. Everyone bar Richard, Donald and Rhona was there. I loved it. I met my new cousin Abigail who I have never met before. Cutest. Little Thing. EVAR!!! She is so adorable. Especially when she smiles. And she smiles a lot. She smiled when she looked at me, which is good. Mum was really embarrassing and spent the whole time going "Brrrrr. Hub wub wub wub. Brururbrbrbr!" to baby Abigail. And around August 9th, they're will be yet another addition to the family. My cousin Sarah is prego. With what we're not sure. She hopes for a boy but says she won't be upset if it's a girl. But anyways, Grampa was hilarious. I'll type out a few of his quotes.

Grampa: So you're going to Oswestry Senior' that's where they smoke all the hash and stuff right?!"

Grampa: "I once won a contest for being knowing how to say Good-Bye in Welsh."

He also complained about the many companies that he doesn't like. And I spoke to Dave about his band "The Scottish Enlightenment" who have recently released an EP called Pascal I think. A link to one of their websites is http://music.thescottishenlightenment.com/. They're also on iTunes. Very good if a say so myself. They released an album called Volo Et Sis a few years back. And I don't think I have anything else to say apart from a big Congratulations to Catriona Stewart and thank-you for the balloons which are now in my bedroom.

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