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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I have absolutely nothing to write about. Honestly. Nothing exciting which is worth blogging happens to me. My latest big thing was Fable III coming out and I've almost finished it for the second time. Bwaah! Umm... What can I blog about?! I have an English essay to write but I'm to lazy to do it. Oh!! I saw "The Social Network" the other day! That was a good film. It has a lot of good reviews. But apparently Heather hated it. Oh well. It had the dude from Zombieland in it. Jesse Eisenberg? Is that his name? And also Andrew Garfield who is gonna be the next Spiderman. He was also in an episode on Doctor Who which explains where I'd seen him before. What else happened to me? I'm going to Cromarty Fireworks hopefully on Friday and I have a lot of NAB's and tests coming up. Oh joyous day. DFTBA.

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