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Friday, 7 January 2011

Mining and Crafting.

So over the past two weeks or so I've been playing a game called Minecraft on the Computer. I call it a game but it's still in Beta so there's quite a few bugs and stuff. Basically you have to try and collect resources (Coal, Wood, Stone) and build with them, hence Minecraft. There's no real aim to the game other than surviving. But surviving gets difficult as when night time arrives in the game, bad things happen and bad guys appear. Zombies that make creepy noises, Skeletons armed with bows and arrows, Spiders with glowing red eyes. But the worst enemy? The Creeper. Why is that? Cause this guy blows up if you get too close to him and destroys everything within the surrounding area. Normally when the night is over and the sun is up, the Zombies and Skeletons burn, but not the Creeper. He just waits outside your D.I.Y fort waiting for you to step out and then "Sssssssss... BOOM!". Before you know it the whole left side wall is gone.

(He only wants a hug.)

And in a way, this could be translated to real life. I mean, you spend a day, a week, a month or a year doing something, you finally step outside feeling fantastic at what you've accomplished, and then someone goes and ruins it all. It may not be their fault, I doubt the Creeper chooses to blow up, but it still happens. The meaning could also be an internal comparison. The day you finally build up enough courage to shine and when you do you get trampled all over. But the beauty of Minecraft is that it is full of opportunities. You can start over, build it all up again and when the day comes, finally step outside and marvel at your handiwork, but this time there's a fence the whole way round, to stop that Creeper from doing it again. DFTBA.

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