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Saturday, 22 January 2011

The "Burns" Unit.

So Tuesday is Robert Burns (Scotland's national poet) birthday. Happy Birthday Burns! You may be dead but oh well, at least you are still remembered. In celebration of this occasion Mum is holding a Burns Night supper with 4 other mothers. All the money raised goes towards the Malawi link we have at our school, so basically it pays us to get there, help build a hall, climb up Mount Mulanje, and get back basically. All the pupils going on the Malawi trip are waiters tonight which should be fun. I have to do a Welcome Speech which is basically 5-6 lines of nothing. It should be fun though. This information probably isn't relevant to you in anyway though. I just wanted to put it in so this blog looks bigger mainly because I have nothing else to write about. Oh wait, yes I do! Studying!

Lets all give it a cheer! Whoop de freaking whoop. The past few days I have done nothing but study. And these aren't even my actual exams coming up. They're prelims! I dread to think what will happen when my actual Highers are around the corner. Will I be stuck in my room under lock and key? Highly unlikely, seeing as there is no-where to put a lock on my door. They could take the xbox away. But that just means I have nothing to do in the very few minutes of free time I will actually get. All of this is slightly exaggerated I hope you realise. I am basically just waffling on cause I don't want to go back to my room and study. Sigh. I can't wait for 6th year. The only bad thing about me being in 6th year is the fact that the current 6th years will have left. That'll be no fun. We'll be the top people in the school after teachers. Double sigh. Well, I suppose I better get back to memorising this welcome speech and get back to learning how to calculate an Enthalpy reaction. Yaaaay! Fun... DFTBA.

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