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Sunday, 20 February 2011

A load of words and stuff.

So it's been just over 2 weeks since my last blog. And not much has happened. Well, not much has happened for 2 weeks. If it had taken place in just a few days it would be considered a lot, but it hasn't. It's been two weeks. I went on a weekend away to Arbroath with my YF which was fun. Met some new people, and met people who I already knew. Arbroath is only about half an hour from Dundee so on the Saturday we went there for a while. We had a choice of things to do: Ice-Skating, Bowling or Swimming. I, being the manly man that I am, went for Ice-Skating. Dundee has a good swimming pool, but I'd  been there before, and I haven't been Ice-Skating in ages. I only fell over once, which was a plus I guess. A negative would have to be the wee toddlers who were doing all the fancy tricks and making my skating look like baby learning to walk. Tragic. We also went to Pleasureland Arcade, which is not as fun as it sounds. The only major things in there were the Spinning Tea Cups and the Dodgems. I hate the Tea Cups, they spin really fast and I hate them.  They are just so sickly and euuugh! Never again. So basically all it had going were the dodgems, and the Candy Floss. Candy Floss is always good.
Another things that happened this week was Valentines Day. I hate Valentines Day. I mean, a lot of people like it. But I bet you they're all in relationships. For a single person, Valentines Day is as good as a chocolate tea pot. They might as well call it "Single Awareness Day" cause that's honestly what it does. The only plus side is the left-over chocolate cut down to half-price the day after. Sigh. Not much else has happened. I got a haircut yesterday, if anyone cares. I got new shoes as well and an application form for Schuh. Back to school Monday though. Shoop de Whoop. DFTBA.

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