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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Adventures on Mugwump and Bogwang.

I do have a reason for that title. It's a very odd story if I'm honest. I am Bogwang, and Devon (http://devonisonfirestill.blogspot.com/) is Mugwump and I can't exactly remember why we gave each other these names. I think I miss heard her and I thought she said "Mugwump!" when she said something, so I then called her Mugwump. She then proceeded to call me Bogwang. I in fact have both names written on my arm. I'm very bored, I was at a party last night and in about two hours I'm going to a family friends for surprise birthday party. I'm not really overjoyed, I don't wanna go. I am so tired. I wanna stay at home and watch Doctor Who on iPlayer. But no, I have to study and then I have to go. Sigh. Oh, there's a new series of Doctor Who coming out soon. I cannae wait. At least tonight there may be good food. But I never like formal gatherings. The food sucks. I mean, its oh so posh and fancy. The only food that I like that's normally there are the cocktail sausages. I hate the posh wee triangular sandwiches with Cucumber and Mayonaise or whatever is in those things. And there are normally some kinda meat dishes as well. But the meat is always cold. Meat should never be served cold. It's too disgusting and, well, unnatural! Eugh. Anyways, gotta run to "Study" or maybe watch Doctor Who. Depends on my mood. DFTBA.

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