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Friday, 28 May 2010

Amen to that, brother.

So in a Ying and Yang balance to yesterdays Evolution rant, I'm going to rant about Religion. Not your everyday faithful person, but your extremists.... The people who give other religious people a bad name. I mean who, when I say Muslim, doesn't think of terrorists or bombs? Or when I say Christian, doesn't think of people getting exorcised on street corners? Or if I said Jews, doesn't think Greedy Tax-Collectors? These people give us a bad name. We are not all like them. We're just ordinary people living out our religious little lives. And no offence to the extremists. I'm extremely glad that your so proud about your faith. But could you tone it down slightly? I mean, I think the world can do without mobs of screaming religious protesters for one day, don't you think?

Off the topic of ranting now, and onto something quite different. Today's episode of the One Show. Amy Pond was on it! Well, not Amy Pond, the person who plays Amy Pond who is Karen Gillian. Just so everyone knows, Amy Pond is my favourite Doctor Who assistant.... Of all time. Evar! They also showed a clip of tomorrows episode, so I am totally hyped for that.... Well, I'm now going for a bit of Halo ODST and Rainbow 6: Las Vegas.... Fun times!

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  1. YOU ONLY LARVE HER BECAUSE SHE'S GINGER. She is nowhere near as beautiful as Matt Smith. He is just the sexiest Doctor there ever was. I had watched just 5 minutes of his first episode before I knew instantly that I was in love with him more than I ever was with David Tennant.

    "Nobody can replace David."
    *five minutes of watching*

    P.S. Rainbow 6: Las Vegas sucks ass.