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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Blah de Blah Blaaaaaaaaah...

Euuugh. If there is one thing I do not like, it is sitting in a small room with no air-conditioning with another 150 or so people, all playing instruments, for just under seven hours. The smell by the end was HORRENDOUS! I mean Eww. Just Ewwww.. But the music was good, I mean, who hasn't wanted to play The Imperial March from the original Star Wars Soundtrack... Pure epicness on a piece of paper... Nothing beats it... My auditions went well-ish. The sight reading for Big Band was slightly hard but I really hope I get in. It would make my year... And the new Youth Choir sounded quite good too... I laughed a bit at the conductor though. She made the funniest facial expressions.

But O.M.G at Doctor Who tonight. I was generally sad about it! How could they do that?! For those who haven't watched it I won't spoil it but O.M.G! Not a good episode for: a) Those who get too emotionally attached. And b) Those who cry a lot. I need a drink now..... Hmmmm.....

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