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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Evolution is only real in Pokémon.

Right, here we go. I'm gonna have a rant. As you can see by the Title, it's gonna be about evolution
I do not believe in evolution. Not one bit. At all. The theory that we evolved from fish is ludicrous. For people to say that I was once a fish makes me slightly offended. And it's not all because of my religious beliefs, it goes against everything. I'll make a list.
  1. The only thing I share with a fish is a short term memory. Nothing else.
  2. And for the fish to even adapt to breathe on land, how did that happen? I mean it couldn't have just wondered up the shore one day and started breathing in air. And then if it grew prone to breathing air underwater, how on earth did it do that?!
  3. This also means that the fish had to go through a chromosomal mutation. Carp fish have 104 chromosomes, we have 46. Now, it would have to have lost 58 chromosomes. That fish would never have survived therefore it would never have been able to breed and pass on this freakish fish anomaly.
I do however believe in adaptation, where an animal will slightly change to suit its surroundings. That's more believable as we can see it even in humans. People who lived in hotter, sunnier countries adapted by getting increasingly darker skins so that they would not burn so easily and reduce the risk of skin cancer. But one species cannot change into another. And now onto a reference to Pokémon, each Pokémon "evolves" into another but i think no, it adapts. Take a Charmander. It will evolve into a slightly bigger Charmeleon which is stronger, more capable to fight. It adapted to this. It didn't evolve. If the Fire/Dragon type Charmander turned into a Steel/Water type Sheep, then yes this would be evolution. But it didn't, it turned into a Charmeleon.

(These three rock by the way)

The Big Bang Theory is another matter though, It says no-where in the bible how the Universe was made. Just how the Earth and life on it was created. My theory is that God and Chuck Norris knuckletouched and the pure awesomeness created mass and matter.

So that's my rant.... You should expect a lot more, I have a lot of them. But I'll probably do one on religion tomorrow. To even things out...

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  1. I'm hurt. I wanted to be a fish. Let fish people live :(

  2. You want to devolve? I'm sorry... You can become a Mermaid if you want :)